Every warehouse, manufacturing plant, and distribution center is always looking for ways to improve productivity so they can become more efficient and profitable. Productivity is the key to profitability. There are countless ways to improve productivity, but one of the best ways is to invest in automation. Discover how semi-automatic stretch wrap machines improve productivity.

Increasing Efficiency

Facilities that are still hand wrapping their loads are missing a golden opportunity to reduce labor costs while enjoying the advantages of improved efficiency and productivity. The more efficient a facility is, the more productive will be.

Hand wrapping is inefficient; it takes a long time to hand wrap a load. A machine can do it much more quickly and consistently. With a semi-automatic stretch wrap machine, you no longer have to deal with human error and inconsistently wrapped loads. The machine will wrap the load perfectly every single time.

Another benefit of investing in a stretch wrap machine is the amount it will cut down on labor costs and worker injuries. Without the intense physical labor of stretch wrapping by hand, your facility will eliminate worker injuries caused by poor ergonomics of wrapping a load.

Automating with a semi-automatic stretch wrapper can cut down on two minutes of labor per load with features such as:

  • Auto film cut off
  • Cut and clamp systems

On average, this reduces labor costs by $60,000 over the life of the machine.

Reducing Product Damage

When loads shift and slid off their unitized pallet, the results can cause major primary packaging and product damage. This costly expenditure is completely avoidable with the proper stretch wrap machine.

The best way to lock the load onto the pallet is by using full web film roping. At Robopac USA, our automatic variable roping and pneumatic roping devices can convert a 20-inch roll of film to a full rope or variable width band. This provides better load protection by locking the load into the pallet. Roping allows the application of a high-tension rope of film wherever it’s needed to improve the load’s integrity.

Allowing Remote Monitoring

With new progressions in the industry and the world, there is a greater need than ever before to remotely monitor your stretch wrapping operation. With Robopac USA’s superior technology R-connect, you can enjoy the comfort of knowing it will alert you to preventative maintenance, emergency stops, and trigger alarms. You’ll also be able to utilize a trigger minimum order point, which will act as your personal inventory stretch film manager based on your current supplier lead time for film.

With all these amazing features and the ability to remotely monitor your operation anywhere at anytime, your operation is bound to become much more productive.

Contact Robopac USA today for more information and to find out how our semi-automatic stretch wrap machines improve productivity at your facility.