In a secondary packaging operation, there is a focus on becoming more efficient and profitable while keeping products safer during transportation. All these overarching goals are more attainable with the investment in a case sealer machine. Discover all the ways a case sealer adds value to your packaging operation.

Case Sealers Increase Efficiency

There are so many ways a case sealer adds to your operation, one of the most vital being an increase in efficiency.

Labor Savings

Hand taping cases takes much longer than using a semi-automatic case sealer machine to complete the process for you. Workers can get back to areas that need more manpower, and a single person using a semi-automatic machine can process more cases.

Less Downtime

Unscheduled downtime is a common pain point in many facilities. Investing in a quality case sealer can significantly decrease downtime. With a reliable machine, your operation will never have to stop due to maintenance or breaks.

Accommodation of Any Case Size

The right machine will be able to handle all types of flutes. This accommodation speeds up your packaging and distribution process.

Case Sealers are Safe and Easy to Use

Case sealer machines are often much safer than using a team to seal cases by hand.

Less Worker Injuries

Sealing cases by hand can be strenuous on the body. This means lots of breaks and unfortunate worker injuries. With a case sealer, your workers won’t sustain injuries from sealing their cases anymore.

A Mixture of Manual and Motorized

Whether you invest in a semiautomatic or a fully automated machine, it includes emergency shut off options and the ability to adjust size manually for an operation that keeps ease of use and safety in mind.

Case Sealers Allow for Consistency

A case sealer from Robopac USA will tape cases perfectly, consistently, and properly every time. Our use of superior technology and design will work together to better your operation so that every single case gets taped just the right way. This consistency increases the safety of your products during the transportation process and reduces the amount of time you might take to re-seal improperly sealed packages.

Using fewer resources, increasing efficiency, and enjoying the multitude of benefits that comes with investing in a Robopac USA machine are only just a few ways a case sealer adds value to your packaging operation. Contact us today for more information and for help determining which of our high-quality semiautomatic or fully automatic case sealers is right for your operation.