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Auto Stretch Wrapper – Vertical: Rotating Ring

GENESIS HS 50 Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machine

The Genesis HS 50 is an automatic stretch wrapper with a rotary ring that’s designed to provide a rugged, flexible, and high-capacity automatic stretch wrapping solution.

The Genesis HS 50 features a unique structural design which allows for easy integration into existing production lines. The Genesis HS 50 automatic stretch wrapping machine is a 50 RPM machine that is capable of reaching up to 100 pallet loads per hour.

This machine is available with many useful options like: 30” Film Carriage, Roping, Top Cover Placement, Top Pressure Hold Down, Pallet Lifter, Auto Corner Board Placement and R-Connect®.

If you are looking to increase productivity and lower TCO, the Genesis HS 50 is the right automatic stretch wrapping machine for you!

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Genesis HS

Our innovative CUBE® Technology offered on this automatic shrink wrap machine combines the following four (4) key factors to successfully wrap loads and ensure that they reach your customer in “as-made” condition by maintaining proper wrapping standards.

  1. Multi-Level Variable Pre-Stretch ensures the best film economy & delivers 30-55% film savings.
  2. Multi-Level Variable Containment Force delivers optimal containment force at each level of the load.
  3. Pro-Active Corner Compensation enables you to wrap any load securely without corner damage or repetitive film breaks.
  4. Strategic Film Placement allows you to place film exactly where it has the most impact on load stability and containment.



Pre-stretch carriage with on-board motorization with patented electricity generation system. Absence of sliding contacts, therefore also suitable for hazardous environments. Possibility to pre-stretch the stretch film at fixed values up to 300%. Optional kits are available for pre-stretch other than standard.
The adjustment of the containment force on the pallet is reactive and controlled by an analog system. To pre-stretch the film from the beginning of the wrapping, it is necessary to use optional automatic charging batteries.

USCSP_2 Carriage


Pre-stretch carriage with double independent DC motorization on-board, with electric current generator and ultra-capacitors. It stands out due to the absence of sliding contacts, therefore suitable to all work environments.


Spring Clamp


Device for clamping, sealing and cutting the film by steel spring.

Nip & Tuck Clamp


Clamp with wrapping film tail insertion.


Vertical Pressure Platen


Pallet retaining system during wrapping which can be used with the upper covering systems (Top Inside/Top Outside) or with particularly unstable loads. Available in versions with mechanical movement by means of pantograph system or pneumatic drive.

Pallet Lifter


Pallet lifting system in the conveyor in the center of the machine with pneumatic drive or hydraulic drive, thanks to which complete wrapping of the wooden pallet is possible. The Genesis HS 50 automatic pallet wrapper enables you to manage wrapping of the product and pallet in an extremely flexible manner, guaranteeing maximum stability of the palletized load. The pneumatic lift has a maximum capacity of 4400 lbs., while the hydraulic system has a capacity of more than 4400 lbs.

Top Cover


Automatic system for covering the upper surface of the pallet. Available in the version Top Inside version integrated in the structure of the automatic stretch wrapping machine to obtain a cover against dust and water, or in the Top Outside version with independent structure, to be able to achieve a dust-proof cover.



Optional system to reduce the width of the film to a “cord” and ensure a more effective stabilization of the load.


Thanks to a special control system (patented ROBOPAC), the gripping and application devices are able to “locate” in a fully automatic way the four corners of the pallet without any manual setting or adjustment of the system.

Arc Reel Change


Patented motorized unit to carry out, automatically and without any intervention of the operator, the ejection of the empty cardboard reel core and position the new reel of film for wrapping. Available in the single ARC / 1 and the double ARC / 2 version, also in Top side configuration if the covering device is present. The ARC / 2 solution housing two full reels allows the operator to have greater flexibility in managing automatic stretch wrappers.

Load Capacity
Max Load Dimensions (W X L)44 x 52
Min Load Dimensions (W X L)Min Load Dimensions (W X L)
Machine Structure
Frame ConstructionPainted Metal
Film Delivery System
Operator Interface
Wrapping Menus16
Utility Requirements
Safety Features
CE Safety-Cat 3YES
UL 508A CompliantYES
16 Standard Wrapping Programs
16 standard wrapping menus allowyou to easily select the bestwrapping pattern for your loadsand consistently repeat in less time.
Allen Bradley Panel View Plus 604
Automatic Film Cut
Cube® "SMART Stretch Wrapping" Technology
Innovative technology that combines multi-level variable pre-stretch, multi-level variable containment force, pro-active corner compensation, and strategic film placement to successfully wrap loads & ensure that they reach your customer in as-made condition by maintaining proper wrapping standards.
Multi-Level Variable Containment Force
Delivers optimal containment force at each level. Containment force is adjustable up to 9 times on each load.
Multi-Level Variable Pre- Stretch
Ensures the best film economy for every load. Adjust the pre-stretch up to 9 times on each load. Multi-Level Variable Pre-Stretch Technology delivers 30% to 55% film savings over currently available competitive stretch wrapping systems.
R-Connect® Ready
Able to install R-Connect® remote monitoring software immediately.
Split Wrapping Cycles for Stacked Pallets
30" Film Carriage
Air Conditioning
GENESIS HS (English & Italian) Brochure