Automatic turntable stretch wrapper
Auto Stretch Wrapper – Vertical: Turntable


This made in the USA entry level automatic turntable stretch wrapper will be introduced at Pack Expo 2022 in Chicago. This robust stretch wrapping machine includes:

  • 30-35 LPH capacity
  • 5 foot infeed and outfeed conveyors
  • A small footprint making it perfect for most operations
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LT Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrapper


It’s about building the pallet load the right way

  • We can look at a load in 9 layers and in each of those layers we can control:
    • The speed of the unit
    • The speed of the film carriage
    • The amount of pre-stretch
    • The amount of force to load
    • Whether we want roping in a section
    • Whether we need a reinforcement band in a section
  • Reduces product damage up to 40%
  • Film savings up to 55%

Each of these factors stabilize and protect you product most effectively while using 30 to 55% less film.