Stretch wrapping continues to be one of the most popular and cost-effective packaging solutions for various types of products. The process involves wrapping a stretch film around a load of goods to secure them in place and protect them from damage during transit or storage. Despite its popularity, however, there is still plenty of misinformation surrounding stretch wrapping. Learn the truth behind these misconceptions and make an informed decision for your packaging line with this guide to debunking the most common stretch wrapper myths.

Hand Wrapping Is Sufficient

Despite hand wrapping being an affordable and accessible option for small-scale operations, it is not sufficient for most industries. This is because hand wrapping lacks consistency, precision, and efficiency; it also increases the likelihood of workplace injuries. If an organization requires medium- to high-volume wrapping or needs a consistent level of quality, it is better off using an automatic or semi-automatic stretch wrapper. The consistency and precision of a stretch wrapping machine help with waste reduction, saving time and increasing return on investment.

Thicker Film Is Always Better

Another myth about stretch wrapping is that thicker film is always better. While thicker film may provide more protection, it’s not appropriate for every load. Too much film can add weight to the pallet and increase shipping costs. Furthermore, thicker film may not be necessary for light or relatively stable loads. Therefore, it’s important to choose the appropriate film thickness based on each load’s weight, size, and shape.

Stretch Wrapping Is Expensive

While stretch wrapping equipment requires an investment, wrapping product loads is actually one of the most cost-effective packaging solutions available. Choosing an automatic or semi-automatic stretch wrapper helps reduce labor costs and streamline your packaging line for better efficiency and productivity. Additionally, stretch wrapping protects goods and primary packaging from damage, which saves money on product replacements and returns.

Don’t let these common stretch wrapper myths keep you from taking advantage of this packaging solution. Optimize your packaging line with stretch wrap turntables and other advanced secondary packaging equipment from Robopac USA.