An efficient facility is a successful facility. Optimizing your workflow is an essential part of helping your secondary packaging facility reach greater heights. How can you streamline your processes for a more efficient packaging line? Technology is the key. The right equipment moves products through your packaging line with speed, accuracy, and consistency.

Case packers are an excellent example of the invaluable machinery food and beverage manufacturers, and many others rely on. Case packer machines are a versatile solution for packing secure product loads in multiple formats. However, changing between those formats is a challenge many facilities face. The faster your changeover is between packaging formats, the more efficient your entire workflow will be. Learn more about operational efficiency and why easy changeover is important for case packer machines with this overview.

What Is Changeover?

Changeover is the process of making adjustments to the machine to accommodate different products to be packed or different formats. Depending on the type of equipment, this process might be completed manually by the operator or automatically by more sophisticated case-packing equipment.

Case packers that feature different formats to package a variety of products require changeover processes to switch between formats. Unfortunately, changeover requires at least some downtime while workers switch the machine from one format to another. This is why easy changeover is crucial for case packer machines. The faster your changeover process is, the less downtime your packaging line experiences.

Versatile Solutions for Versatile Products

Most secondary packaging companies move a wide variety of products through their facilities. This means their packaging lines see countless different product sizes, shapes, and packaging materials every day, including stand-up pouches, bottles, cans, bags, boxes, and more. Each different product type calls for specific packing patterns and packaging materials. For example, a packaging format that successfully secures plastic pouches might not be secure enough to secure glass bottles or metal cans.

Facilities must use versatile packing solutions to reliably transport products through the supply chain to end-users. Multiple-format case packers meet these needs by changing between different case packing methods—including film only, tray and film, pad and film, and wrap-around case packing—for different sizes of products.

Case Packers Must Deliver Efficient Changeover Processes

The ability to carry out multiple case packing formats isn’t enough on its own. Multiple formats that require slow, tedious changeover processes waste employees’ time and slow your facility down. The downtime affects your entire packaging line. The changeover process interrupts employees’ days and keeps them from working on more important tasks. Lengthy changeover times also create more room for mistakes, especially when you rely on employees to conduct the format change. This increases your risk of accidents or equipment malfunctions, which in turn leads to greater costs and downtime.

Case packers must be able to change formats quickly and reliably. An efficient changeover process reduces unwanted downtime so that your facility can continue to operate at peak productivity.

The Benefits of Efficient, Reliable Format Changes

The right equipment solutions enhance your packaging line and bring your facility to greater heights. Below are just a few of the benefits a case packer with easy changeover can bring to your business.

Reduce Unwanted Downtime

One of the most dangerous effects of a slow changeover process is the downtime it creates for your facility. Case packers can’t package products during the changeover process. Every minute you spend changing the case packer format is a minute that could have produced multiple product packages.

Downtime does more than simply slow down your workflow, though. It also leads to employee boredom and frustration. When workers have to wait on format changes, they can grow restless and annoyed, resulting in lower employee satisfaction, poor morale, and higher turnover rates.

Fast, easy changeover processes keep your workflow running smoothly throughout the day. The result is efficient, satisfied workers, secure product orders, and better productivity for your facility.

Greater Flexibility Equals Greater Capabilities

Faster changeovers grant better flexibility to your packaging line. When your case packer can move quickly and efficiently through multiple packing formats, you can deliver a greater variety of product packaging with better speed, security, and reliability.

Moreover, easy changeover processes eliminate the stress of format changes. When you have a case packer machine that you can rely on, you know your facility will deliver secure, reliable product loads no matter what. This confidence allows you to better serve customers and reach greater heights as a company.

Eliminate Bottlenecks in Your Packaging Line

Imagine a new type of product comes down your packaging line. To effectively pack this product, workers must shut down the case packer machine, change the format manually, load up new packaging materials, and start the machine again. While all this happens, products continue to pile up in your packaging line. Previous packaging stages experience setbacks as the slow changeover process holds up the line. Even after the case packer starts again and works through the new product type, you have to repeat the process as soon as a new product comes down the line.

Bottlenecks are a dreaded challenge in the packaging world. A slow changeover process creates a bottleneck in the case packing stage, which in turn affects the rest of your line and slows down your entire facility. Easy changeover processes streamline your case packing solution so that products can move efficiently down the line without any disruptions.

Automatic Format Changes Free Up Labor

Some case packer models can perform automatic format changes. These packers carry out the changeover process electronically. In addition to being fast and consistent, automatic format changes eliminate the need for employee supervision. This allows your workers to focus their skills elsewhere in the packaging line, creating a more efficient workflow for your facility.

Find Superior Efficiency With Robopac USA

Efficient equipment solutions are the key to optimizing your secondary packaging facility. To find the best solution, you need to work with the best supplier. Robopac USA case packers quickly change formats and parameters, saving our customers valuable time and energy. With multiple formats, automatic format changes, and other intuitive features to choose from, you can find the most effective solution for your workflow. Contact Robopac USA to view our selection of wrap-around case packers and find the best solution for your business.

Why Easy Changeover Is Important for Case Packer Machines