Labor shortages and finding qualified labor are real concerns. Retaining staff is also a priority. Are your warehouse staff palletizing loads by hand? This is a tedious and labor intensive process. Advanced automatic machinery is an investment for your secondary packaging facility. When you purchase new equipment solutions, you need to make sure the return is worth the cost. An automatic palletizer is a worthwhile investment that delivers clear and effective results for your packaging workflow. Discover the advantages of automatic palletizing solutions with these reasons why an automatic palletizer is worth the money.

Accurate Palletizing Every Time

Accurate palletizing is the key to making sure your products are packed correctly on the pallet so that they don’t shift or fall off the pallet during transit. Even small mistakes can ruin the structural integrity of a pallet load, leading to damaged products further down the supply chain. Warehouse, 3PL, and other distribution facilities need palletizing solutions that deliver secure, stable results every time.

Automatic palletizers operate with immense precision and consistency to create secure pallets that protect products as they travel to end-users. Robopac USA’s TopTier automatic palletizers also feature programmable technology that allows workers to customize specific layouts for different product types. With superior control and accuracy, facilities can consistently produce secure, reliable pallets.

No Tedious Manual Stacking

Manual palletizing requires workers to manually lift, stack, and wrap products. The process is tedious, physically strenuous, and costly. Using automatic palletizers is an efficient and accurate solution that removes human error from your palletizing process.

Automatic palletizing is also safer than manual palletizing. Manually stacking pallets creates muscle strain. Poor ergonomics can lead to workplace injuries, which can then turn into lawsuits, high turnover rates, and other issues.

Streamlined Efficiency for a Faster Workflow

Because of their speed and efficiency, automatic palletizers streamline this stage of your workflow. Moreover, an automatic palletizer enables you to reallocate your labor to other areas of the facility. Instead of performing tedious stacking and wrapping processes, employees can focus on more specialized tasks.

Many automatic palletizers come with features that improve efficiency even more. Robopac USA’s TopTier automatic palletizers feature concurrent stretch wrapping to wrap loads as the machine builds each layer of the pallet. This consolidates the stacking and wrapping steps while creating a more secure and precise pallet load.

Why Choose Robopac USA?

When you choose the right supplier, automatic palletizers are more than worth the cost of investment. Robopac USA offers a comprehensive range of smart, efficient, and cost-effective packaging solutions for your facility. Contact our team today to find the ideal solution for your secondary packaging needs.