When comparing options for your new stretch wrap equipment, one crucial factor to consider is capacity. Your stretch wrapper’s capacity determines the characteristics of the pallet loads (weight, size, etc.) you can move through the machine, as well as how quickly the machine can wrap loads. Identifying your capacity needs is one of the best ways to help you decide between semi-automatic and automatic stretch wrappers. Learn more about the specifications of each type of equipment and find the right solution for your facility with this guide to the standard capacity of stretch wrap machines.

Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrappers

The key difference between automatic and semi-automatic stretch wrappers is that semi-automatic machines require some operator involvement and are designed for throughput of no more than 30–35 pallet loads per hour. Employees might have to attach the film at the beginning of the wrap cycle, press the start button, or cut the film at the end of the wrap cycle. However, these tasks can be made easier with features like automatic film cutters, clamping systems, and remote control operation.

The standard weight capacity for semi-automatic stretch wrappers is 4,400 pounds. Turntable stretch wrappers, which feature a smaller footprint than other equipment solutions, have a standard turntable size of 65 inches.

Because of the need for employee interference, semi-automatic stretch wrappers have a lower average throughput capacity than many automatic stretch wrappers. That said, semi-automatic wrappers have a smaller footprint and can still reliably handle large product loads, making them an ideal solution for low- to mid-volume facilities.

Automatic Stretch Wrappers

When it comes to the standard capacity of stretch wrap machines, automatic stretch wrappers are faster and more efficient than semi-automatic solutions. Entry-level automatic stretch wrappers can handle an average of 35 to 45 loads per hour. However, automatic stretch wrappers have a larger physical footprint and require more space on your warehouse floor, including room for multiple infeed and outfeed conveyors and, in some cases, safety fencing.

Automatic stretch wrap machines also feature a multitude of options that help customize the equipment to your needs and create higher throughput speeds for your workflow. Features such as protective corner board placers, top sheet dispensers, and cold and freezer packages help keep your product loads safe throughout the supply chain. Meanwhile, options like automatic film roll changers, high-tech clamping systems for cutting and securing film, and state-of-the-art film carriages increase efficiency and create faster, more consistent pallet wrapping operations.

Secondary Packaging Optimization

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