It’s no surprise that automatic palletizing equipment has become an integral part of the shipping industry. It is a cost-effective and efficient way to securely package and transport product loads. When it comes to effectively securing your shipping pallets, automatic processes are safer, more consistent, and more efficient than manual palletizing. Discover how automatic palletizers help improve efficiency and enhance product safety in your supply chain with this rundown.

Avoid Manual Palletizing Processes

Automation is increasingly becoming a necessity due to lack of labor, lack of qualified labor, and increased labor costs, especially when it comes to secure shipping pallets. Manual palletizing processes have several drawbacks that cost businesses time and money. Manual labor is inconsistent and can be unreliable. It’s also more time consuming than automatic palletizing processes.

Automated palletizers, on the other hand, stack product loads quickly, accurately, and consistently. Efficient stacking and storage optimization drastically reduces human errors and leads to greater cost savings for your warehouse. As a result, automating the palletizing process is the key to better security and efficiency for each product load.

Ensure Proper, Consistent Stacking

Fast, precise product stacking is vital for efficient shipping operations. Automatic palletizing systems easily achieve this goal. Automatic palletizing machines take the guesswork out of preparing your shipping pallets for transit by ensuring a consistently secure product load with every pallet you create.

Automatic palletizing machines create a tidy and organized pallet. Plus, the unitization of the load significantly reduces the risk of shifting during transit, lessening primary packaging and product damage. Automatic palletizers provide manufacturers and shippers peace of mind since products are secure for transport.

Use Palletizers With Concurrent Stretch Wrapping

Another valuable tip for securing your shipping pallets is to use a palletizer with concurrent stretch wrapping. The concurrent stretch wrapping utilizes an integrated stretch wrapper within the palletizer to wrap each layer of the load before moving on to the next layer, providing greater protection of the contents while in transit. By consolidating the stacking and wrapping steps, palletizers with concurrent stretch wrapping create a faster and more efficient packaging workflow with a smaller footprint. As a result, these palletizing solutions save floor space and improve your overall cost of investment.

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