When you manage a high-volume facility, you need to make sure your secondary packaging line is as efficient as possible. One of the best ways to streamline operations is to choose the stretch wrapping machine that best suits your types of products and workflow.

It’s important to learn the differences between various automatic stretch film wrapping machines; every equipment solution comes with its own perks and specialties. Find the right machine for your facility’s workflow by examining the differences between rotary arm and rotary ring automatic stretch wrappers.

Benefits of Rotary Arm Wrappers

Rotary arm automatic stretch film wrappers work well under the pressure of demanding applications in high-volume facilities. This type of machine features a rotary arm that circles the pallet load to quickly and securely wrap the products. Because the pallet itself stays still on a level surface while the arm moves, rotary arm stretch wrappers are ideal for wrapping lightweight or irregularly shaped loads that would be too unstable to wrap while in motion.

Benefits of Rotary Ring Wrappers

Many industry leaders regard rotary ring stretch wrappers as the optimal solution for high-speed packaging applications. This type of automatic stretch wrapping machine features a high-speed rotary ring that moves up and down the product load to deliver an efficient, secure unitization of the pallet load. With incredible flexibility, fast cycle times, and innovative design that allows for reduced maintenance costs, Robopac USA’s rotary ring wrappers are an ideal solution for high-capacity stretch wrapping solutions.

The Best Automatic Stretch Wrapper for Your Facility

Despite the differences between rotary arm and rotary ring machines, both stretch wrapper options deliver efficiency, consistency, and stability to your pallet wrapping process to ensure your products arrive to their final destinations without primary packaging or product damage. Finding the right machine requires you to analyze your current workflow, the types of products you handle, and other specific business factors.

Luckily, the experts at Robopac USA are here to help you choose the ideal solution for your facility. Learn more about our automatic stretch wrapping machines and see how the right equipment can streamline your workflow when you partner with our team today.