Stretch wrapping is an essential part of secondary packaging. It is a process designed to help create a single unit from many smaller packages. The goal of stretch wrapping, and all secondary packaging, is to prevent and reduce damage during transportation. Product damage during shipment is one of the leading issues contributing to capital waste in product-based businesses. Discover the benefits of stretch film for unitizing product loads.

Prevents Damage

Stretch wrapping a shipment for unitization purposes helps to prevent damage to both the primary packaging and the product itself.

When products sustain damage during the shipment process, it can make them impossible to sell, costing the manufacturer money in wasted product. Unitizing creates one solid unit out of many smaller units. The boxes of products are loaded onto a pallet manually or by an automatic palletizer. They are then stretch wrapped, either by hand, or more commonly, by a semi-automatic or automatic stretch wrapping machine, creating a single unit held together by stretch film.

Provides Critical Component…Containment Force

Containment force is the most important factor in unitizing loads using stretch film. Containment Force is the tightness that holds your load together. It’s the key requirement in reducing damage and ensuring loads are safe to ship. Using the right amount of containment force makes the difference between your products getting to point B in one piece, or damaged.

If there is too much containment force applied to the unit, it can cause damage to the primary packaging of the product. If there is too little containment force, then the items may shift during shipment and topple over or become damaged in other ways.

Containment force adjustment is a major benefit of stretch film for unitizing product loads. Using a Robopac USA stretch wrapper, such as a portable stretch wrapper your loads can be wrapped with the right containment force every time.

Easy To Use

Stretch film is simple to use and easy to apply when using a Robopac USA semi-automatic or automatic stretch wrapping machine. These machines can work with almost any type of stretch film, making it painless for you to order supplies.

Robopac USA stretch wrappers also come equipped with Cube Technology, which is essential to applying the perfect amount of containment force to your packaging. For more information, contact Robopac USA today and learn what our machines can do to help you enjoy the benefits of stretch film for unitizing product loads.