While many businesses agree that the best way to handle many secondary packaging processes is by way of automation, there is some debate as to how to choose the right machine for your operation’s unique needs. For example, stretch wrapping machines are extremely beneficial, efficient, and cost-effective for any secondary packaging operation, yet not all stretch wrappers work in the same manner. There are multiple types of machines to choose from. Fine-tune the ways of specifying the right stretch wrap machine for your business.


Turntable semi-automatic stretch wrap machines are perfect for wrapping stable loads that weigh under 4,400 lbs. These small stretch wrap machines typically have a minimal footprint—a definite asset when space is at a premium.

Turntable automatic stretch wrap machines are your first step in automation. Turntable automatic pallet wrappers offer an affordable, compact, and efficient solution for pallet load stabilization. Whether you need to integrate a stretch wrapper at the end of your production line or create an automatic stretch wrapping island for multiple forklift operators to use, the automatic turntable stretch wrapper may be the perfect solution for your needs.

Rotary Arm

Rotary Arm semi-automatic stretch wrap machines are designed to wrap loads that are stationary, very light, very heavy, tall, or unstable.

Rotary Arm automatic stretch wrappers are engineered for demanding applications. The advantages of rotary arm-style machines include higher throughput capacity and secure wrapping of lightweight or irregular loads.

This adaptability is ideal for any facility or application.

Rotating Rings

Rotating rings or “rotary ring” style stretch wrappers are generally accepted as the best option for any high-speed application. They are quick, and their high degree of flexibility allows for a lower cycle time.

A Robopac USA rotating ring automatic stretch wrap machine features our exclusive technology designed to eliminate the sliding electrical contacts—this translates to notably reduced maintenance expenses.


A horizontal stretch wrapping machine is a low to high-speed rotating ring machine that allows for safe and efficient wrapping of any package. These machines are popular with facilities that output windows, carpets, piping, tubing, doors, lumber, and so much more.

These machines can handle unique and oddly shaped, sized, or weighted items with ease, which makes your facility much more productive and efficient.

At Robopac USA, we strive to provide the best in secondary packaging technology. All of our machines are designed to improve efficiency in all facilities. If you still require assistance specifying the right stretch wrap machine for your business, contact us for expert advice.