Not only is automation the future of the manufacturing and distribution industries, but it’s also the current standard. More warehouses and similar facilities are making the transition to automation every day, and those that don’t face the repercussions that come with manual labor and falling behind in a field that’s rapidly advancing. Automation comes with countless financial and safety benefits with proper integration. Introducing automation into a facility signifies a renewed need for additional and revised safety practices to keep up with industry changes.

Worker safety is an issue at the heart of every operation. When there is strenuous physical labor, injuries often follow. Investigate how to protect workers using automated stretch wrappers.

How Using an Automated Stretch Wrapper Protects Workers

The less physical exertion and interaction a worker has during the secondary packaging process, the less likely they are to sustain an injury. With automated stretch wrappers, there is little or sometimes even no need for any worker interaction.

It’s not uncommon for workers to sustain injuries while stretch wrapping pallets. This hand-wrapping method puts strain on the workers’ backs and necks while exposing their extremities to crushing or bending hazards. These injuries negatively impact the worker and your operation as a whole because that worker may need extended time off to ensure they are medically able to continue working.

Injuries on the secondary packaging line aren’t just a danger to workers but to productivity and morale as well. Worker injuries are unnecessary burdens on your personnel and expenses on the companies. Avoiding them altogether is in everyone’s best interests. Automated stretch wrappers can help you achieve this goal by removing nearly all the human interaction necessary in stretch wrapping loads.

Protecting Workers While Using Automated Stretch Wrappers

Once your facility makes the switch to automated stretch wrappers, whether your facility will benefit more from an automated turntable stretch wrapper or another kind of automatic stretch wrapping machine, it’s imperative that you train your workers on how to use the machine safely and effectively.

Automatic stretch wrappers require nearly no human interaction at all. They allow the forklift truck operator to drop the pallet off so that the conveyor may wrap the load. The conveyor automatically moves the product into the wrap zone, and then once it’s in place, the machine will stretch wrap the pallet.

Protecting Workers Not Operating the Automated Stretch Wrappers

Heavy machinery can pose a danger to all workers in the general area of the machine, not just those who are actively monitoring or operating it. It’s crucial to put measures in place to protect these workers from accidentally entering a dangerous area or using equipment they don’t have the right training to use. Here are a few suggestions for keeping workers in the vicinity of your automatic stretch wrapping machine safe from injuries:

  • Place signs up around places that workers shouldn’t walk through, such as around the machine, if they are not actively using or operating it.
  • Provide safety training regarding the machine to the entire area’s staff and encourage other area workers not to use the machine without a trained operator present.
  • Alert workers in the area when the machine is in a wrap cycle.
  • Don’t allow workers to move non-portable automatic stretch wrappers without a forklift truck.

These are just a few small things you can do at your facility to help prevent injuries when using your automated stretch wrap machine. The most important factor is to use a stretch wrap machine that has the appropriate safety rating and has a design that keeps your employees’ safety in mind.

What Sets Robopac USA Apart

When using a Robopac USA automatic stretch wrapper, your pallets will receive the exact right containment force every single time for advanced product protection during transportation.

Once the automated stretch wrapper wraps the products, the pallet exits to an additional section of the conveyor where the product is ready for pick-up.

Workers and operators will rarely find a need to interact with the automatic stretch wrap machine. Ideally, they should stay in the fork truck, where it is safe for them.

Robopac USA stretch wrappers received the highest safety ratings available in the industry. They have industry-leading built-in safety features for the specific purpose of protecting your employees.

When operating a Robopac USA stretch wrapper, first ensure its proper installation. The professionals we employ know that the machine must sit on a flat surface for the safest results and be stored in a room as free from dust and debris as possible.

During operation, make sure workers know not to walk between the machine mast and load during a wrap cycle. They should also be aware of the anti-fall device, which stops to prevent sudden drops of the roll carriage that could injure operators.

At Robopac USA, we made it a point to include a fully enclosed cut and clamp device in our machines. These devices are critical to preventing injuries. Discover some additional safety tips we recommend below:

  • Keep the machine free from debris at all times
  • Keep the machine in a space that is between 32 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Follow safety guidelines during installation, or let our team of experts install your Robopac USA stretch wrap machine for you
  • Portable stretch wrappers should have bumpers to protect the operators and anyone around the wrapper
  • Only transport a non-portable stretch wrap machine with forklift extensions that can handle the equipment’s weight.

Following these simple guidelines and ensuring your machine receives proper upkeep and preventative maintenance will help to keep your facility and workers safe.

For all your automated stretch wrapper needs, Robopac USA is the go-to in the industry. All of our machines come with our exclusive Cube Technology, which enables your machine to wrap every pallet load perfectly with the exact amount of containment force every single time. Our machines also come with the highest available safety rating to ensure you know how to protect workers using automated stretch wrappers. Contact us today for more information and to determine the best configuration for your operation.

How To Protect Workers Using Automated Stretch Wrappers