Like many other industries, the personal care industry often struggles with product damage during the transportation process necessary for distribution. Personal care products often need some extra protection to keep the products and the primary packaging in perfect condition for consumers. Shrink bundling is one option that many operations are turning to for support. It is a process that is steadily increasing in popularity with personal care industry leaders, and its importance continues to grow for such facilities. Explore the ever-evolving relationship between shrink bundling and personal care secondary packaging.

Primary vs. Secondary Packaging in the Personal Care Industry

There are two main types of packaging that companies need to think about for their products. Primary and secondary packaging work together to make the product the most appealing version of itself for consumers and entice them to make a purchase. Explore the differences and roles each one plays in product distribution and branding.


Primary packaging is the part of the packaging that consumers see. For example, think of body lotion. Body lotion’s primary packaging is the container that holds the actual liquid product. It’s most likely colorful and functions to catch customers’ eyes and encourage brand recognition. Primary packaging is the packaging consumers know about.


Secondary packaging is the packaging the consumers rarely see. This packaging protects the product and the primary packaging during transportation. In the same example above, think of body lotion. An entire pallet of lotion arrives at a store. Each lotion is in its own bottle, but the box that it ships in and the shrink wrap around it are its secondary packaging. It protects the body lotion from damage that it might sustain while shifting and moving during transportation. Secondary packaging is the “behind the scenes” packaging.

What Shrink Bundling Is

Shrink bundling is a form of secondary packaging that functions to protect products, including personal care products, and their primary packaging during transportation. It creates one bundle or pack out of many items or products to secure them in place and lower the product’s risk of damage.

Sustainability Considerations

One of the main concerns that companies tend to have about leaping into the world of secondary packaging and shrink bundling is the sustainability factor. While additional packaging may seem wasteful, initially, when you consider the immense benefits and advantages it provides, it’s actually a sustainable practice.

  • Using an environmentally friendly plastic film means you can recycle it and ensure the packaging doesn’t fill up landfills.
  • Using a Robopac USA machine means using only the amount of film you need—no more and no less—which eliminates excessive packaging.

How It Keeps up With Demand

This past year and the years going forward, we see more of a push than ever before for additional products and faster distribution processes. Keeping up with end-user demands means finding ways to streamline your operation and logistics. Buyers want attractive-looking products.

For example, consider a person shopping at a grocery store. They want to purchase a small bundle of paper towels. There are two options: one has clean and attractive primary packaging while the other has ripped packaging. The consumer is more likely to purchase the first option.

Shrink bundling keeps your primary packaging looking the way consumers expect without disrupting your processes unnecessarily.

Innovation in Technology

Shrink bundling exemplifies the immense innovation in secondary packaging technology. Shrink bundling is not exactly a brand-new technology, but it shows the continuously evolving relationship between product manufacturers and equipment manufacturers.

Robopac USA makes it a mission to continue to lead the secondary packaging industry in technology that increases efficiency and improves operations.

Reasons To Invest in Shrink Bundling

The decision to switch to shrink bundling at your facility is a significant one. When you invest in anything for your business, you want to know that you’ll enjoy the return on investment swiftly and reap the benefits in a lasting way. Discover a few of the primary benefits of investing in shrink bundling for your personal care product business.

Shrink Bundling Equipment Is an Investment That Pays Off

Shrink bundling equipment will provide your facility with a great return on investment. It will streamline processes and reduce the need for manual labor, significantly reducing labor costs for your operation. It is also a one-time investment that provides your facility with cost-saving benefits for years to come.

The Machines Are Easy To Maintain

Shrink bundling equipment and other secondary packaging machines are easier to maintain than many people imagine. With Robopac USA equipment, you can rest easy knowing that our machines need only routine maintenance and that experts are available to answer any questions you may have.

It Protects Products

Shrink bundling equipment and other secondary packaging machinery can provide your personal care products with better protection. This protection helps to reduce product and primary packaging damage—which ultimately saves your business money that you would otherwise lose to damaged goods—while keeping the brand you’ve built intact.

It Reduces Shipping Costs

When you invest in unitization and shrink bundling for your products, you’re also investing in a more efficient and cost-effective shipping process. When you bundle your products together, they are easier to load onto and unload from trucks and shipping containers. They are also much faster to load.

There are many reasons why shrink bundling and personal care secondary packaging go hand in hand. It’s vital to always look for ways to save your operation time, stress, and money. A Robopac USA machine can do just that. Our case packer machines are ideal for personal care secondary packaging. Our palletizers come with the highest available safety rating and our exclusive and advanced technology, ensuring that your pallets are wrapped perfectly every single time. We also offer industrial stretch bundlers, shrink bundlers, and horizontal stretch bundlers, which are all popular secondary packaging options for personal care products. Contact us at Robopac USA today for more information. We can help you determine the best option for your unique operation. Our team is proud to provide companies with secondary packaging solutions to fit their unique needs and help their operation reach its full potential.

Shrink Bundling and Personal Care Secondary Packaging