We had been using a combination of banding and a Yellow Jacket orbital wrapper for years because most of our loads are long (over 6 feet). We were looking for solutions to help stabilize these loads better and wrap our smaller standard size pallet loads. Looking to create stable loads for shipping out of various sizes of metal roller conveyor and accessories. Including sheet metal trays that like to slide around when stacked. We did not want another large piece of equipment taking up a lot of space in our packaging area.


We were offered a 2 week trial in our facility of the Robot S6 wrapper.

The Robot S6 wrapper was able to wrap all of our standard pallet loads, but it was also able to help in several other scenarios. It has helped stabilize our large long loads that we now wrap in both directions, it does a better job of wrapping our smaller tracks than the Yellow Jacket and we are now able to wrap anywhere in our plant. The Robot S6 is small and portable, so we can wrap anywhere. We can now bring the wrapper to the unstable load verses trying to maneuver the load around our plant to a permanently positioned wrapper.

The additional benefits of this machine is that it is very easy for the packager to continue working while the load is being wrapped. They can be staging the next load to be wrapped. In the past they were either sitting on a fork truck while the the load was being wrapped or hand wrapping the load. Better wrapping, consistent wrapping and no employee fatigue.