Is your bottom line not as solid as you were hoping? Your end-of-line packaging process could be what’s cutting into it.

The quicker you package and ship your products, the better. Efficiency is the key to increased productivity and improving your bottom line. But frustratingly, even small obstacles in your end-of-line process can hinder your success.

So, how can you improve upon your end-of-line processes to reach your goals? Here’s how to improve your end-of-line packaging process.

Gather Data

Gathering data about your end-of-line process will supply you with the information needed to make impactful changes. There are three main areas you should track.

Firstly, monitor and record metrics for material waste. Do you always seem to end up with a pile of discarded film, cardboard, and other packing materials? Wasted material is money gone down the drain. In most cases, you can reduce waste by investing in quality machines that can handle materials efficiently.

Next, track how many goods are damaged during the production process and determine what’s causing the damage.

Finally, pay close attention to any price changes in the materials you use. Some materials fluctuate in price often. The smart decision is to purchase these materials in bulk when the price is low and store them for future use.


The next way to improve your end-of-line packaging process is to automate. Humans are hard workers, but they can’t match the speed and accuracy of machines. Machines can improve accuracy, productivity, worker safety, quality, and more. For example, case packers can significantly speed up the packing process.

It’s crucial to choose machines that meet your current needs. With case packers, one of the first things you want to consider is the kind of goods you pack and how you normally pack them. Do you use film? Pad and film? Tray and film? Or maybe you pack in multiple formats—in which case a combination packer will best suit your facility’s needs.

But your facility’s needs will change over time, and your machines will need to accommodate those new needs. What are your production goals? Do you see your business growing substantially within the next few months or years? Don’t buy a machine that meets the minimum requirements—buy one that can grow alongside your business.

Automation can seem daunting, especially due to the upfront cost associated with it. But keep in mind that automation comes with a quick and hefty ROI. You’ll make back your initial investment and then some in record time.

Upgrade & Maintain

If you already have machinery, are you taking good care of it? If you don’t regularly inspect, clean, and maintain your machines, things can go downhill and fast. Worn-down components can reduce a machine’s speed and accuracy. And if a machine breaks down unexpectedly, you’ll need to shoulder the costs of downtime.

Scheduling regular maintenance activities will keep serious problems from arising and ensure your machines are always running smoothly and efficiently.

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