Do you feel like too many of your packages are damaged in transit? Are your film costs through the roof?

If you answered yes to either of those questions, the problem could be that you’re not using the correct containment force for your loads.

Containment force is the key to reducing waste and product damage, and yet many people don’t understand what it is or how to determine it. Luckily, containment force is easy to understand once you know the basics. Here’s what to know about containment force.

What Is Containment Force?

Containment force is the total force that’s applied to your pallet loads. It’s what keeps the load nice and secure, so it doesn’t shift or come apart during shipping and handling.

What’s the Purpose of Containment Force?

Containment force is important because it helps prevent primary packaging and product damage  during shipping. Containment force keeps a tight grip on the products on your pallet, preventing them from moving around and falling off.

How Do I Determine Containment Force?

Another important thing to know about containment force is how to determine the correct amount of it for your loads.

Containment force is measured by multiplying the number of revolutions of stretch film with the wrap force (tightness). The “correct” amount of containment force varies from load to load. The size and product makeup of your load will determine how much containment force is needed.

Fortunately, there are various online recommendation guides to help you determine the correct amount of containment force for your load, along with various tools to help you measure your load’s current containment force to set a baseline and monitor to maintain containment force standards. If you need help, contact the experts at Robopac USA. We can make recommendations and help you find the best tools for your loads.

When measuring containment force with a tool, it’s crucial to check the top, middle, and bottom of the pallet load. Containment force can vary in these locations, so ensure it meets your set containment force standards in all three areas before shipping.

If you need to increase or decrease the containment force, you can do so by altering either the wrap force or number of revolutions per film.

Achieving the correct amount of containment force is impossible when you’re wrapping your pallet loads by hand. Automation is the key to establishing and maintaining the correct containment force. Robopac USA’s semi-automatic stretch wrappers can save your business money by ensuring consistent use of the correct containment force and reducing film usage and waste in the process. Shop with us today or contact us to learn more about our machines and services!