Concurrent stretch wrapping technology allows you to stretch wrap the pallet during the palletization process. Think of it as a palletizer with a built-in stretch wrapper. The benefits of concurrent stretch wrapping are innumerable, ranging from creating consistent containment across all packages to its cost-saving benefits. If you are looking for a way to improve your packaging process, concurrent stretch wrapping during the palletization process is exactly what you need to make a real difference on your factory floor.

Saves Time and Energy

Investing in the right palletizer machine with concurrent stretch wrapping can save you a great deal of time and energy. Anybody who has ever wrapped stacked boxes on a pallet and then wrapped the pallet of boxes by hand can tell you it is often a painstaking, frustrating process. With a palletizer with a concurrent stretch wrapping machine, your employees can focus on other ways to improve your end-of-line packaging operation.


Your packaged products are probably the first glimpse customers and retailers will have of your brand. One of the benefits of a palletizer with concurrent stretch wrapping is it ensures your packaging is consistent and expertly put together. Though manual palletizing and wrapping may change depending on the person, palletizing with concurrent stretch wrapping keeps each package identical.

Lower Costs

Although the initial investment may be higher than purchasing a palletizer or stretch wrapper individually, you will see the cost-saving benefits of a palletizer with a built-in stretch wrapper in the long run. With a more streamlined all-in-one process, you will not need to rely on labor to complete these simple tasks. Over time, your lowered labor costs will prove a palletizer with a concurrent stretch wrapping machine to be a measurable benefit.

Protect Your Products

Whether it be moisture, dust, or dirt, there are many ways your products and packaging can undergo damage by outside, invasive agents. Securely palletizing and wrapping pallets using a palletizer with concurrent stretch wrapping will give your products a much-needed layer of protection against the elements.


There is no shortage of benefits provided by a palletizer with concurrent stretch wrapping. These spectacular machines can speed your process while lowering your costs; they can protect your products without compromising on consistency. If you want to look at an automatic palletizer, explore the options provided by Robopac USA.