Manufacturing plants are incredibly expensive to run. Businesses spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep their warehouses up and running. One of the reasons why it’s so costly to operate a manufacturing plant is because of the labor costs. Warehouses need workers throughout the facility to make sure everything’s running smoothly. Yet, these labor costs are often so extreme that companies have a hard time keeping up with them. This article will explain how semi-automatic stretch wrappers can slash labor costs in an industrial facility. With the right equipment, a company’s warehouse can be more productive and save tons of money.

Machines Can Package More

Companies need their warehouses to be as efficient as possible. Unfortunately, hand wrapping a package is not the most efficient method out there. Semi-automatic stretch wrappers can increase a warehouse’s productivity by up to 25%. For example, the ROBOT S6 Portable Stretch Wrapper comes equipped with our exclusive Cube Technology, which makes it one of the most advanced machines on the market today. This device can assemble way more PPM than someone hand-wrapping packages. An added bonus to using a semi-automatic stretch wrapper from ROBOPAC USA is that our patented Cube Technology can reduce film usage by 30 to 55%. Semi-automatic stretch wrappers know when to cut the film, so none of the product’s wasted. If you operate a large-scale manufacturing plant that handles thousands of packages every day, you should invest in a semi-automatic stretch wrapping machine. After a few weeks, you won’t believe how much more productive your warehouse is.

Less Chance of Job-Related Injury

Hand-wrapping packages is an extremely physical job. Warehouse workers are constantly on their feet, trying to package differently shaped and sized items every day. Since they’re often handling heavy packages and contorting their bodies in interesting ways, warehouse workers are more prone to injuries than employees in different fields. If you want to minimize the chance of one of your employees getting hurt on the job, you must invest in a semi-automatic stretch wrapper. Semi-automatic stretch wrappers make a warehouse worker’s life so much easier. Instead of picking up and handling heavy products all day, workers can simply place the materials on the machine and let it do all the work.

One of the best reasons to buy a stretch wrapper machine from ROBOPAC USA is that they’re so easy to use. The ROBOT S6 Portable Stretch Wrapper comes equipped with a color touchscreen, so workers can adjust the device’s settings based on the load they’re trying to package. Employees just have to put the package on the device and it does the work from there. Then, the piece of machinery will lift the package and wrap it with the appropriate amount of film, and the process is complete. The procedure is so much less strenuous on workers who are used to carrying heavy packages day in and day out. These machines are an excellent investment for companies that are worried about getting an influx of workman’s comp claims and who want to keep their employees safe on the job.

Workers Can Focus on Other Tasks

Investing in a semi-automatic stretch wrapper means your workers won’t have to spend so much time doing tedious tasks like lifting heavy boxes or applying the appropriate amount of film on a package. Instead, employees can let the devices do the hard labor, so that they can focus on other tasks. Employees can do things such as stage another load, compile bills of lading, or print shipping labels. Thus, your overall productivity will increase dramatically. Here at ROBOPAC USA, we’re dedicated to helping our customers see the most growth and development possible. That process begins by providing businesses with the right packaging equipment. Yet, we also want to help cut labor costs so workers can focus on other areas of business expansion. It’s our wish that our equipment will help your company in more areas than just packaging.

Less Product Damage

Companies lose customers when an item is packaged incorrectly or if there’s damage to the product. Also, companies could spend additional funds on increased labor costs if a product needs to be packaged again. If you want to save money on labor costs that come with re-packaging an item, you need to invest in a semi-automatic stretch wrapping machine. Such devices, like the ROBOT S6 Portable Stretch Wrapper, reduce product damage by 40%. If you purchase one of these machines through ROBOPAC USA, you’ll minimize the likelihood of needing to re-package something. Also, customer satisfaction will improve dramatically. We guarantee that customers will be satisfied with your company’s product packaging. We never want an item to arrive damaged or broken. Thus, we guarantee that our machines handle your products with care, and they use just the right amount of film to ensure that a product never gets damaged. If you’ve noticed an excessive amount of product damage recently within your company’s offerings, think about investing in a semi-automatic stretch wrap machine. Your workers and your customers will be happy you did.

A semi-automatic stretch wrap machine is a total game-changer for those in the industrial field. Not only do these devices make warehouses more productive, but they also decrease the likelihood of injuries on the job. These tools make workers’ lives so much easier. Employees will feel better because their job won’t be as strenuous on their bodies. Instead, they can calibrate the machinery from ROBOPAC USA to their liking, so that they don’t have to perform hard labor anymore. Our semi-automatic stretch wrappers are genuinely state-of-the-art technology. Moreover, portable stretch wrappers are incredibly easy to use. The set-up time is minimal, and there are clear instructions on how to use it. Workers won’t have to spend half the day trying to figure out how to utilize this machinery. If you invest in one of these devices, your warehouse workers can focus on other tasks like creating shipping labels, too. Not only does this increase the space’s rate of productivity, but your company’s overall growth will also increase.

How Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrappers Can Slash Labor Costs