Warehouses around the country have options when it comes to selecting a palletizing machine. Employers can choose from several different models that best fit their needs. TopTier, a Robopac company, palletizers ensure businesses get their products to market without damage. This article explains the differences between conventional and robotic palletizing. At Robopac USA, we have a wide range of palletizer machines for sale that will satisfy all your palletizing needs.

More Reliable

If you’re looking for a reliable palletizer machine, then a conventional palletizer is the way to go. Robotic palletizers tend to need more preventative maintenance and are more prone to have issues. The experts at Robopac USA know that problems with this machinery can completely disrupt a manufacturing plant’s workflow. We don’t want your workers to have excessive downtime as they sit and wait for a tool to be fixed. If you purchase a conventional palletizer from a Robopac company like TopTier, you can rest assured that it will not need continued maintenance. Rather, you can set it up with ease and let the device do its work from there. A conventional palletizer machine will make employees’ jobs much easier.

Smaller Footprint

Another reason why employers invest in conventional palletizers from a Robopac company is because they have a much smaller footprint than robotic models. Robopac USA is the world leader in concurrent palletizing machines. A concurrent palletizing machine means that a stretch wrap machine is built into the palletizer. It allows you to build a layer on the pallet, stretch wrap that layer, build the next layer, and so on until the task is complete. Having concurrent stretch wrapping built into the palletizer saves valuable floor space. Thus, adding to the device’s small footprint on a warehouse’s floor. Also, manufacturing plants save money by purchasing a concurrent palletizer machine because they save on the cost of purchasing both a stretch wrapper and palletizer.


Warehouse managers must do everything they can to keep their workers safe while they’re on the job. One way to minimize the risk of on-the-job injuries is to purchase a palletizing machine so employees don’t have to palletize things by hand. Robopac USA has Category 3 PLd safety conventional palletizers, which is the highest safety standard level based on controlled entrance protocols. The controlled entrance safety design encloses all palletizer-related hazards inside an integral safety enclosure. Also, the safety controller confirms the machine’s status prior to allowing entrance to the enclosure. Controlled entrance provides the highest possible level of operator safety.