Turntable stretch wrappers are one of the most versatile and useful wrapping machines in the industry. Automatic turntable stretch wrap machines are great for high-volume facilities that must work quickly to meet demands and preserve productivity. Discover how automatic turntable stretch wrappers work with this overview.

Traveling to the Wrap Zone

The stretch wrapper’s work begins when a forklift loads the product onto the machine’s conveyor. You can use either a traditional forklift or an automated guided vehicle (AGV) to load the turntable stretch wrapper.

Unlike semi-automatic turntable stretch wrappers that require workers to load the turntable, attach the film to the load, and start the machine, automatic turntables take care of every step of the wrapping process. Once the load is on the conveyor, the conveyors will move it to the turntable, wrap it, cut and secure the film in the film clamp, and move the packaged products on the pallet along to make room for the next load.

Turntable Wrapping

Understanding turntable technology is the key to learning how automatic turntable stretch wrappers work. The conveyor moves the load to the wrap zone and onto the turntable. The turntable rotates, spinning the product and allowing the film to wrap completely around the load. Meanwhile, the roll carriage moves up and down to cover the load from top to bottom. The combination of turntable and roll carriage ensures a secure and consistent film wrapping for every load.

Build Specific Load Configurations

Every product load requires different stretch wrap configurations to secure the products. Most of Robopac USA’s automatic turntable stretch wrappers use Cube Technology to create flexible solutions for each unique product load.

Cube Technology allows workers to adjust the containment force nine times per load. Employees can then store their unique settings as load configurations, which you can then recall to wrap a load with its specific parameters.

The icon-driven touchscreen control panel makes it easy to choose precise and reliable wrap settings for each load you put through the turntable stretch wrapper, ensuring stable and secure product loads every time. These configurations also save time during the wrapping process, which in turn speeds up workflow and allows your workers to focus on more important tasks.

Cut, Exit, and Move to the Next Load

After securely wrapping the load, the turntable stretch wrapper cuts and secures the film. The exit conveyor moves the pallet load out of the wrap zone so that the next product load can come in, and the process starts again.

When you need efficient and reliable facilities in your warehouse, turn to the experts at Robopac USA. Automatic turntables are just the beginning of our stretch wrap solutions. Contact Robopac USA today to learn more about how the right equipment can revolutionize your packaging processes.