You can’t move products through your supply chain without stable pallets. The more secure your pallet loads are, the safer your products and employees will be. Pallet load stability is the key to positive product handling, which is the key to fewer safety hazards, minimal product damage, and maximum efficiency throughout your secondary packaging facility.

Pallet load stability revolves around three primary factors: packing, stacking, and wrapping. Learn more about each step with this guide to understanding pallet load stability.

Efficient Product Packing

Efficient and reliable packing solutions help move products quickly through your facility every day. Advanced technology case packer machines offer reliable performance and ease of changeover for fast, high-volume production. Tight and precise case packing creates better product stability for intact delivery. Meanwhile, dependable performance minimizes downtime and the need for repairs, which means your production line can keep delivering stable pallet loads day in and day out.

Precise Stacking Processes

Palletizing solutions are responsible for stacking products onto the pallet load. Stable stacking requires precision and consistency to make every load secure. Automatic palletizers rely on superior technology and controls to create dependable pallet loads.

Modular design offers maximum layout flexibility and complete control over your palletizing system. By using common functionality modules and frame systems to your advantage, you can implement a comprehensive palletizer solution that perfectly suits the needs of your packaging line.

Meanwhile, cutting edge machine control technology delivers an intuitive user experience and versatile programming solutions. With EasyStack software from TopTier, a Robopac company, users can create precise stacking patterns for the perfect pallet load every time.

Secure Pallet Wrapping

Automatic and semi-automatic stretch packaging equipment wraps the pallet load to keep products safe and stable during transportation. Robopac USA stretch wrappers include Cube Technology, which offers extensive control of wrapping speed, film pre-stretch, containment force, roping, and more. Cube Technology looks at a load in nine programmable layers to create greater versatility, precision, and control over your wrapping pattern. Powerful pre-stretch also increases film savings, making a more cost-effective wrapping process for every load.

Understanding pallet load stability is integral to a successful secondary packaging line. At Robopac USA, our packaging equipment revolves around greater consistency, cost-efficiency, and productivity for your facility. Learn more about our secondary packaging solutions when you contact our team today.