A faster packaging production line means less wasted time, fewer mistakes, and a more reliable workflow. There are many ways to improve efficiency in your packaging line, many of which revolve around consolidating steps and investing in more advanced equipment. If you notice any of the following things slowing your packaging production line, fix the problem and enjoy more streamlined productivity with cutting edge solutions from Robopac USA.

1. Separate Wrapping and Weighing Steps

If you must wrap and weigh your pallets separately, you’re wasting time. Moving a pallet from the turntable stretch wrapper to an independent scale leads to double handling every load. Transporting loads between stations might only take a minute, but that precious time adds up quickly with every single pallet you produce day in and day out. If a worker spends 30 to 90 seconds double handling every load, that can add up to $7,000 to $15,000 in wasted labor over the course of five years.

Investing in a turntable stretch wrapper with a built-in scale consolidates the two steps and eliminates double handling, saving you time, energy, and money with every pallet.

2. Immobile Stretch Wrappers

With stationary stretch wrap machinery, workers must take every product load to a fixed station to wrap. This limits your flexibility and can create bottlenecks in your packaging production line.

Robot semi-automatic stretch wrappers bring mobility and portability to your workflow. The stretch wrap machine goes to your pallet loads so that they can create securely wrapped loads anywhere in the facility. Furthermore, because the pallet load sits on the floor, robot stretch wrappers can wrap loads of any weight, length, or width. This enhanced versatility and flexibility streamlines your workflow and gives you more control over where and how pallets move through your facility.

3. Unnecessary Pauses at Turntable Stretch Wrappers

Another innovation that can improve one of the things slowing down your packaging production line is the Technoplat semi-automatic stretch wrapper. At a standard turntable wrapping station, the operator must get off the fork truck to attach the film to the pallet load, wait for the load to wrap, and then cut the film at the end of the wrap cycle. With the Technoplat 708 CS/CW, a remote-control start allows the operator to start the wrapping process without leaving the vehicle. The system cuts the film, attaches it to the load, and secures the film in the clamp for the next pallet load.

The remote control and automatic cutting system eliminates wasted steps and gives operators more time to pick up and stage another load. This saves a little time with every load, leading to significantly improved productivity over time.

Robopac USA has the semi-automatic stretch wrapper equipment to streamline your workflow and eliminate the processes slowing you down. Contact our team today to learn more about our secondary packaging solutions.