Efficiency in your packaging line is the key to securely delivering products, satisfying clients, and keeping your productivity levels high. Better efficiency also saves you money. In addition to moving products through your supply chain faster, you can save on materials, product damage, and employee turnover.

Automatic pallet wrapping is a significant way to improve your processes and save money over time. See why manually wrapping pallets is costing you money and how you can change your processes to be more cost-effective with this guide.

Manual Wrapping Is Inconsistent

Even the best employees cannot match the consistent quality of a stretch wrapping machine. Workers aren’t as precise or reliable. They might use more film than necessary, which leads to higher material costs.

Alternatively, an employee might not use enough film with the correct wrapping force (force to load), which means the load doesn’t have the right amount of containment force to move securely through the supply chain. Inconsistent manual wrapping puts you at greater risk of primary packaging and product damage.

Less Pre-Stretch Means More Film

Humans don’t have the strength to pre-stretch the film as much as a machine does. Workers can only stretch the film 10 to 40 percent, while an automatic or semi-automatic shrink wrapper can stretch it 200 to 400 percent. Pre-stretching film helps the material go further, making it more efficient and reducing your film costs overall.

Poor Ergonomics Puts Employees at Risk

As with any manual labor, hand wrapping can easily lead to poor ergonomics. From workplace accidents to repetitive motion injuries, manually wrapping pallets costs you money by increasing the likelihood of your employees getting hurt on the job.

Implementing an automatic or semi-automatic stretch wrapping solution keeps you from losing employees or facing workers compensation claims. Moreover, the safer work environment can improve employee turnover rate, helping you maintain a dedicated and experienced workforce.

Robopac USA sells cost-effective secondary packaging solutions for your facility. Explore our semi-automatic shrink wrappers today and see how you can improve your workflow by moving away from manual wrapping.