The best way to keep your pallets secure during the shipment process is to stretch wrap them. Some smaller businesses wrap by hand, but most large businesses use convenient and productive machines instead. These machines make the stretch wrapping process faster, more accurate, and more efficient.

But even though stretch wrap machines handle most of the wrapping work, they need a bit of human assistance to operate at their best. Want to get more out of your stretch wrap machines? Here are six tips on how to use a stretch wrap machine more effectively.

What Kind of Film?

There’s more than one kind of stretch wrap. If you want maximum efficiency, you must use the correct film for your application. Cast film is transparent, glossy, and stretchy, but it’s more resistant to tearing. Blown film is more opaque and less stretchy, but it’s extremely durable and provides higher load retention.

Want a mix between cast and blown? Go with machine wrap, which has the durability and load retention of blown film but the stretchiness of cast film. Do you have products that are susceptible to humidity? Perforated films can maintain optimal airflow.

Quality Over Quantity

Ensure you choose a high-quality film. Investing in higher-quality films and the right gauge of film will save you from future headaches. Robopac USA’s TechLab offers you the opportunity to send in your loads for testing. Robopac will provide you with a detailed report on your load’s performance, including ways to reduce film cost and improve sustainability.

Check the Threading

The next tip on how to use a stretch wrap machine more effectively is to check the threading. If you thread the film incorrectly through the rollers, it will negatively impact machine performance. Not sure of the right way to thread the film? The user’s manual or the machine itself should feature a threading diagram that shows you the correct way.

Containment Force Is Key

The key to securely wrapping pallets is to pay attention to the containment force. Containment force holds your loads together. Each load requires a different amount of containment force depending on its size, shape, and weight.

It takes time and experimentation to find the correct containment force for your loads. If you need help finding the right containment tool for your business, contact one of our experts.

Keep Up With Maintenance

Make sure to clean your stretch wrap machines, grease any moving parts, and fix any problems as soon as they emerge. A machine that’s worn-down and dirty won’t operate as smoothly as a machine that you maintain properly.

The Right Machine

If your stretch wrap machines are outdated or poorly designed, no amount of human intervention can save them. Swapping out worn-down machines with new ones will make your business instantly more productive.

Need top-of-the-line secondary packaging equipment for your business? Robopac USA has rotary arm stretch wrapping machines and other equipment to help optimize your warehouse. Shop with us today or contact us if you have any questions!