Have you been looking into automating your warehouse? One machine you should consider investing in is a palletizer. Palletizers are machines that automatically sort, stack, and transfer products onto pallets. TopTier, a Robopac company, palletizers are compact, fast, accurate, and come with countless other benefits that make them a safer and more efficient way to build pallet loads. Here are five ways palletizers make automation easy as can be.

Protect Your Employees

Manually sorting and stacking products onto pallets is no easy job. The repetitive movements and heavy loads associated with this task can cause your employees to develop serious ergonomic injuries such as back pain. By handing off the most arduous work to palletizers, you can reduce strain on your employees and prevent devastating injuries.

Save Space

Worried that a palletizer will take up too much space in your warehouse? Don’t be. Our palletizers have a compact and modular design that makes fitting them into smaller spaces a breeze.

Improve Quality

Machines will always outperform humans when it comes to accuracy and consistency. Using a palletizer to handle the sorting and stacking process will lead to fewer mistakes and ensure that each product is placed on the pallet correctly to reduce load shifting and improve load stability during transit.

Boost Production Speed

Palletizers aren’t just more accurate than human workers. They’re also much faster. The next way palletizers make automation easy is by producing more in less time. If your warehouse is having a hard time keeping up with production demands, automatic palletizers can help get it back up to speed.

Save Time

Wish you could palletize and wrap your loads at the same time? With concurrent stretch wrapping, you can. Concurrent stretch wrapping can save your business time, initial investment costs, labor, and floor space. It can also reduce end-of-the-line costs. When you’re shopping for palletizers, look for ones that offer this must-have feature.

Ready to automate your warehouse? Robopac USA is here to help. This configurable machinery can palletize essentially any product in the food and beverage, personal care, pet food, pharmaceutical, dairy, automotive, and manufacturing industries.

Whether you’re looking for palletizing equipment or something else, come and shop with us today for all your secondary packaging equipment needs.