Improving an operation is always the goal of manufacturers and distribution centers. There are many ways to aid in overall improvement in efficiency and profitably. One of the most beneficial improvements to make to a facility is to upgrade the stretch wrapping equipment. This often overlooked yet essential part of an operation can hold significant value when upgraded. Check out the top five reasons to upgrade your stretch wrapping equipment.

Upgraded stretch wrapping equipment is more cost efficient

Outdated equipment is costly to maintain. It breaks down more often and requires more maintenance than a new machine does. With a new machine, the facility makes a one-time investment that doesn’t require constant upkeep and adjusting to stay functional. Newer stretch wrapping equipment should be maintained but should not require substantial updates, rebuilds, or error corrections. Older equipment may also malfunction more often, creating large amounts of downtime. New equipment will reduce downtime and keep the facility operating as efficiently as possible.

It will better protect products from damage

With Robopac USA’s superior technology, stretch wrapping equipment can cut down on product damage by 40 percent. Upgrading your stretch wrapping equipment means fewer damaged products and more that make it safely to the consumers. Old stretch wrapping equipment is outdated and can’t offer the precision and consistency that today’s machines can. Upgrading them will lead to better and more consistent distribution from your facility overall.

It reduces wasted space

Floorspace is highly coveted in most warehouses, so clearing up the use of unnecessarily large amounts of it can make a huge difference in your facility. Traditional and older machines used for stretch wrapping take up a large amount of space. Upgrading to a newer, more compact machine, such as Robopac USA’s turntable stretch wrapper, can save you a great deal of floorspace. These take up only a fraction of what other stretch wrapping machines do.

It increases efficiency

Upgraded stretch wrapping machines contribute to your facility’s overall increased efficiency. Older stretch wrappers can take more time than new ones to effectively wrap your products. Older equipment is also more prone to breaking film and requiring reloading. With new equipment you can increase efficiency and consistency by ensuring breakage is minimized and downtime is significantly reduced.

New stretch wrapping equipment is convenient to use

New stretch wrapping equipment is extremely user-friendly and aims to make your life and the lives of your facility workers much easier. There are different kinds that are adaptable to your space and product needs because every operation is unique. With Robopac’s Rconnect technology, you’ll be able to monitor the usage and productivity of your machine remotely. These machines make your operation run more smoothly and with fewer issues than with outdated machines.