Efficiency is key to managing a productive and profitable packaging operation. Packaging is often a second thought to consumers, but it is at the forefront of most business owner’s minds. Packaging is essential to moving products safely and effectively. Packaging processes used to rely heavily on physical labor and diligent efforts, but they are now most efficient as part of an automated process. Here are some ways to improve your packaging operation to increase efficiency. Efficiency is necessary to maintain an effective and forward-thinking packaging operation that remains profitable and safe. Your products are your profits, and a packaging operation needs to protect those products and get them easily and safely from your facility to their required destination. Secondary packaging should be making that process easier and more efficient. The most ideal packaging operation for most industries is safe, efficient, and effective. Check out this guide to learn the best ways you can start improving your operation.

Automate your operation

Automating your operation is a great way to start improving your packaging operation. Automating your packaging operation cuts down on labor costs, minimizes waste, and makes your facility more efficient and profitable. Investing in an automatic pallet wrapper machine can cut down on costs for your business in the long term. Automatic pallet wrapper machines can wrap your pallets to prepare them for shipment with ease. They are consistent, fast, and fully automated, which allows your operation to improve in efficiency and quality. These machines are best for high-volume facilities to streamline the packaging process. They can work at different speeds to fit your facility’s needs depending on your capacity level. With horizontal and vertical configurations, there are tons of options to fit your business’s needs exactly because every industry is unique.

Automating your packaging operation cuts down on labor costs by fully automating a process that previously required manual labor. This means you can repurpose your employees to areas that need more attention or even cut back on labor in general. Automating your secondary packaging allows your facility to become less reliant on manual labor and turn your facility into a more efficient operation as a whole. Automatic pallet wrappers are consistent and fast so the work will be better and done more quickly than manual operations might have allowed. Before automating your operation, take inventory of how your facility runs currently and what type of machine would best serve the operation.

Utilize different technologies

Years ago, all secondary packaging had to be completed by manual labor. This led to slow-downs in productivity, expensive labor costs, and product damage due to errors. Luckily, today there are technologies working to automate, perfect, and customize the packaging process so that facilities don’t have to deal with the issues that faced packing operations before. With new technologies such as R-connect and Cube Technology, you can rely on your packaging operation to run smoothly and improve your facility’s efficiency. Learn more about these technologies and how they can positively improve your facility. These superior technologies aim to make your life and the lives of your workers easier while improving your operations.

Cube Technology

Cube Technology is a leap forward in the packaging efficiency industry. It works to ensure the best possible wrapping with no manual efforts required. It ensures that the wrapping machine delivers exactly the right amount of film at the precise position required in the perfect containment force. All these factors combined lead to a film cost reduction of between 30 and 50 percent, improved load containment, and a 40 percent reduction in product damage. This translates to extremely improved efficiency, reduction in waste of materials, and more profit for your business.

Cube Technology delivers the perfect containment force at each step in the wrapping process by allowing the operator to adjust up to nine times per load. This type of flexibility and custom design is essential to improving a packing operation as much as possible. Another benefit to Cube Technology is the proactive corner compensation which utilizes motor and load cell technology to allow the operator to wrap any load security while cutting down on corner damage and film breakage, which are two of the most prominent slowing factors when using automatic wrappers.


R-connect is another prominent technology brought to you by Robopac USA. R-connect helps your facility plan for the unexpected. During these uncertain times, there are restrictions for many businesses regarding when they’re able to operate their facilities and even enter them at all. With R-connect, you can safely monitor your machines’ performance from anywhere at any time. Remote monitoring is essential to the way businesses are running now and will help your facility transition into the new normal, which will most likely include more remote work and less in-facility hours by manual workers. This technology can diagnose and alert you to any looming issues, such as required maintenance, emergency stops, and trigger alarms. It also tells you, in step-by-step directions, how to perform the most common service requirements, which eliminates the needs for most service techs and reduces the outside maintenance needs, thus improving efficiency and the profitability of your facility.

R-connect is, functionally, an inventory stretch film manager that is fully built into your wrapping machines. IT allows you to set up a minimum order point and sends you alerts on your current supplier lead time for film, cutting down on wait times and helping you to avoid any unscheduled breaks in operation.

Both Cube Technology and R-connect are brought to facilities by Robopac USA. Our machines will help you to greatly improve the efficiency and profitability of your packaging operation. Check out our selection of automatic pallet wrapper machines today, and get a quote on the best machines for your facility and industry to start improving your own packaging operation. Improving the overall efficiency of your packaging operation allows you to become faster and more reliable in your facility, which will save you money. This money can be reinvested into your business to make further improvements across the board, making your company a profitable machine in itself.

Ways to Improve Your Packaging Operation