If you’re planning on purchasing a stretch wrapper, you probably already understand the benefits of them and the value that they’ll add to your business. They’ll handle your secondary packaging needs with ease and precision. The decision to purchase a stretch wrapper is an easy one. Next, you’ll need to decide what kind of stretch wrapping machine will best suit your needs. There are a lot of factors that you need to consider before selecting a stretch wrapping machine, but that doesn’t mean the process has to be difficult. Here are five questions to ask before you buy a stretch wrapper that will help you narrow down your options.

Semi-Automatic or Automatic?

Before you choose, you’ll need to understand the difference between semi-automatic and automatic machines. A semi-automatic machine is better at handling low-volume applications. These machines require an operator to place the pallet loads on the machine and apply the film tail. The machine will then apply the film and wrap the pallet load. Automatic machines don’t require operator intervention, which makes them an ideal choice for high-volume operations.

What Kind of Pallet Size Do You Use?

The size of the pallets you normally use is a huge factor that you’ll need to consider when selecting the right machine. You need a stretch wrapping machine that can accommodate both your smallest and largest pallet sizes. If most of your pallet loads are larger than average, you may want to consider a machine with a larger turntable or wrap zone. A load that’s taller than average, on the other hand, may require an extended mast.

What Kind of Film Are You Using?

The color of the product will determine the type of photo-eye you’ll need. The photo-eye is used to determine when to stop at the top of the pallet load. If you’re wrapping dark-colored or clear products, you may need a black photo-eye or a laser sensor, as standard photo-eyes may have trouble registering them.

What Are Your Production Levels?

Your current and projected production levels are an important factor to consider when determining the kind of machine you should get. This is because different machines will offer different top-end revolutions per minute. The revolutions per minute and total wraps required per load will determine the maximum production level of the machine. Heavier, taller pallets will require more top and bottom wraps, along with overall wraps, while lighter, shorter pallets require less. Make sure to keep this in mind when you’re shopping for machines.

Are You Buying From the Right Company?

Another question to ask before you buy a stretch wrapper is whether the company you’re planning to buy from is reliable. It might be tempting to buy a cheap machine from a sketchy company just to save money, but we highly advise against this. A machine bought from an untrustworthy company may be inefficient and even downright unsafe. To ensure you get the most out of your stretch wrapping machine, purchase it from a company that uses superior technology and puts the quality of its machines first and foremost.

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