In a secondary packaging operation, there are many different moving parts. This is the part of your operation that keeps products protected during transport. Many businesses lose a lot of money each year from product damage during shipment, rendering those items unviable to sell. Proper secondary packaging is key to optimal profitability. Many operations are still relying on manpower to apply packaging materials to products, but there are many reasons why automating your packaging line may be the right choice for you. Discover the Top Reasons why you should automate your packaging line right now.

#1 Labor Is Unpredictable

Manual labor requires reliable employees that consistently do the exact same quality of work every day. No matter how loyal and committed your workers are, there are unpredictable circumstances that can regularly affect your packaging line. Workers can get sick, miss days, take vacations, come in to work tired and unmotivated, and more. Especially during COVID-19, there are so many reasons a worker may not be able to come to work. Even those workers without symptoms of COVID-19 may have to take time off due to potential exposure to the deadly disease. The unpredictability of manual labor can cause large fluctuations in your operation.

Automation will take the estimation out of your operation. No matter what goes on in public health or what the weather is outside, your machines will do the exact same amount of work every day—and can work longer hours without the inconvenience of overtime. Machines are made to the jobs of multiple people, the right way, every time.

#2 Machines Work Faster

Machines are able to work faster than manual laborers can. Machines, especially from Robopac USA, are designed to work faster and produce higher quality work than humans. With manual laborers, you have to plan for human error, injuries, sick days, and days where the worker is not able to produce as much as they normally do. People work with fluctuations for a variety of reasons. Physical labor such as packaging products takes a toll on the physical state of a person, so there can be days when they can produce a lot without issue and other days when they are feeling sore or tired and can’t produce a target amount. Machines don’t have this setback, and can produce at the same output at a fast pace all the time. Machines also reduce the amount of injuries workers have by limiting the amount of hard physical labor they have to complete on a daily basis.

#3 Machines are Consistent

As stated above, there are many different ways a manual laborer can experience fluctuation in their abilities to produce work. Machines are more consistent than manual laborers when it comes to many things, including a packaging line. Machines don’t experience the ups and downs that people do, so they can produce the exact expected amount every day without issue. The consistency of machines makes predicting your operation’s output much easier and more accurate as you know the exact amount of output you will achieve daily.

With a secondary packaging machine from Robopac USA, you benefit from our Cube Technology. Cube Technology allows you to rest at ease knowing your machine delivers the exact right amount of film at the exact correct position with exactly the right amount of containment force. This reduces film costs by up to 55 percent, improves load containment, and reduced product damage by 40 percent.

Each Machine Provides a Unique Benefit

Each machine provided by Robopac USA is designed to provide unique benefits to your packaging line. Discover the advantages of each below.

Stretch Wrappers

Stretch wrapping loads is crucial to the safe arrival of products. Our stretch wrapping machines are designed to deliver the perfect amount of film to avoid waste. They also put the right amount of film in the exact right position, and most importantly, with the exact right containment force to ensure your products are protected during shipment. Automatic and semi-automatic stretch wrappers minimize waste, increase productivity, and make sure your products are more protected during the shipment process.


There are many operations that handle large-scale production on a daily basis, especially in industrial manufacturing plants. Reliable packers are needed to ensure production isn’t halted and doesn’t experience unnecessary and costly downtime. Packers keep the packing process moving by wrapping products tightly for a safe delivery. They are flexible, quick, and reliable. Packers are a great investment for any product-based business.


Palletizers help to eliminate unnecessary labor costs for manual loading of pallets. They improve productivity and greatly increase the safety of workers. Palletizers handle difficult physical labor so that your workers don’t have to. They save you time, money, and keep your products safer because they stack the products on the pallet consistently and the right way every time to ensure your packaging line is running quickly and smoothly.

Many operations find their floor space is limited, and this is why Robopac USA makes palletizing machines with a small footprint. We offer machines that offer concurrent stretch wrapping within a palletizer to reduce floor space and investment costs.

Case Equipment

Case erectors and case sealers are some of the most important pieces of automated equipment to purchase for a packaging operation. Case erectors and sealers eliminate labor costs and ensure that cases are squared up properly, don’t jam in the machine and ensure the pallet load is unitized properly. Make sure the case equipment you choose is the right type for your output and operation. Our experts at Robopac USA can help you find the right machine. Packing properly is essential to safe shipments and optimal operational speeds.

There are truly countless reasons why you should automate your packaging line right now. To learn more about the ways automation can benefit your business, contact Robopac USA today. We have quality machines coupled with superior technology designed to make your packaging line more efficient, profitable, and consistent. Discover what Robopac USA shrink packaging equipment can do for you. We can show you how quickly the right machine will pay for itself. Our machines increase speeds, decrease material costs, and come with superior technology that makes our products stand out.

Why You Should Automate Your Packaging Line Right Now