A look into the top five problems with shrink film application will show you why you need the help of a trusted manufacturer to complete this work. Read on to discover the common issues with this process. You do not want to make these mistakes.

1. Uneven Edges in the Shrink Film Roll

Heat shrink film contracts so that it can support the products within. These contractions may not produce perfect right angles, which could complicate the final sealing. Companies that discover uneven edges in shrink film packages typically do not use those products. Instead, they often look for a non-defective replacement. Do not give your clients a reason to look elsewhere.

2. Shrink Film Blockage

The second issue on our list of the top five problems with shrink film application is shrink film blockage. Shrink film blockage occurs when the film layers become stuck to each other, blocking its application. Usually, this happens because the materials are stored in temperatures higher than what the manufacturer recommends. As a result, the film layers melt and glue together.

3. Defective Seals

There are a variety of ways defective seals develop with shrink film. For one, the polymer formula might be defective, which results in the material failing to shrink when you apply heat. Also, the defective seal might be a product of an improper sealing position.

4. Dog Ears in Shrink Film

Dog ears are sections of the film that stick out. They are triangle-shaped, which is how they get the name “dog ears,” as many dogs have triangular ears. Usually, this occurs because the protrusions have not contracted enough during the application.

5. Poor Clarity of the Shrink Film

Clarity is very important when it comes to shrink film. You want consumers to see the product through the film. But a number of factors can compromise that view—if the package was stored for too long past the film’s expiration date, for instance. Typically, after one year, the film will yellow.

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