Shrink wrapper machines are invaluable tools in the packaging industry. These devices help make warehouses more efficient, and they make workers’ lives so much easier. Even though they require a sizable initial investment, the right shrink wrapper more than pays for itself over time. This article will help guide you in making an informed decision if you are considering investing in shrink wrapper technology.

They’re Fast

The most significant advantage of using a shrink wrap machine is that they’re fast. Our automatic shrink wrap machines from Robopac USA have capacities of 20 to 85 PPM. These devices will help your manufacturing facility be much more efficient. Our machines can package virtually any item. This equipment can be configured to package any material, in almost any shape and size. For example, shrink wrappers can package grocery items using film only, pad and film, tray and film, wrap-around packs, or specialty packs. Whatever your needs are, you can be sure our wrap-around case packers and shrink wrappers will meet your needs. Your manufacturing plant’s productivity will increase because of the time saved on packing your products.

Shelf-Ready Products for Purchase

Another reason why every packaging company should invest in a shrink wrapper machine is that they pack products so well that they are shelf ready for market consumption. Dated technology or hand-wrapping products are usually not shelf ready. In the case of grocery stores, they will often take the product out of its tray or packaging before placing it on the shelf. Packed correctly using the right shrink wrapper technology and packaging process, your products can be packed to be ready for market when they arrive at their destination. This saves valuable labor costs, which makes your customers happy.

They’re Extremely Reliable

Here at Robopac USA, we know how detrimental it is when a case packaging machine isn’t functioning properly. When your wrap-around case packer or shrink wrapper is down, it is devastating to the entire warehouse’s workflow. Rest assured, a shrink wrapper machine from Robopac USA is the highest-quality case packer on the market. Our machines are designed to handle heavy-duty production to minimize the likelihood of downtime, ensuring your goods are intact and arrive safely at their desired locations. Should your shrink wrap machine ever need repairs, we offer top-of-the-line technical support so any issues can be addressed immediately.