Proper load containment is the cornerstone of safe, fast, and dependable product transport. Without the proper packaging materials and containment force, your products might break, fall apart, or otherwise suffer damage on the way to their destination. No one wants to face a disheveled, damaged shipment. Even worse, product damage means losses in inventory, materials, and more. Keep your products safe and your profits secure when you brush up on the important things you need to know about load containment.

Containment Force Holds Your Load Together

Reliable load containment requires proper containment force. Containment force refers to the total pressure that the layers of film put on your load to keep the products securely together. A load’s weight and stability determine the amount of containment force it needs. By ensuring enough force at the top, middle, and bottom of the load, you can ship products safely and securely.

How To Calculate Containment Force

You can calculate containment force by multiplying the number of film layers you have by the amount of wrap force on the load. Wrap force refers to how tight each layer of film is. The tighter the film and the more layers you have, the larger your containment force will be.

Tips for Adjusting Containment Force

You can use a containment force tool to measure the force at the top, middle, and bottom of your load. Each of these critical areas must meet your containment force requirements to ship securely. If one or more areas don’t meet your requirements, you need to adjust the containment force. To do this, either increase the wrap force or add more layers of film.

More layers of film increase the packaging costs, so it’s ideal to increase your wrap force first. However, too much wrap force can damage your products or break your film. The key is to find a safe balance between wrap force and film layers.

Create Consistent Load Containment

One of the most important things you need to know about load containment is that consistency is crucial. Automated solutions such as stretch film wrapping machines help you deliver secure products every time.

At Robopac USA, our packaging systems utilize Cube Technology to ensure optimum control and security for your products. This technology includes Multi-Level Containment Force that allows operators to adjust containment force settings nine times for a single load. With more control over how you wrap your loads, you can create the perfect solution for safe, dependable transportation with every product you ship.