If you’re currently hand-wrapping pallet loads and don’t feel satisfied with the speed and accuracy of your packaging line, you may want to consider investing in automation. Automation comes with numerous benefits, including efficient product wrapping, increased productivity, improved safety, and less money spent on film and labor. One piece of secondary packaging equipment that can make a fantastic addition to any warehouse is semi-automatic stretch wrapping machines. During your search for semi-automatic stretch wrapping machines, you’ll quickly come to realize that they come in a variety of types. If you’re not sure what kind of semi-automatic stretch wrapper is best for your business, here are the top best semi-automatic stretch wrapping machines.


If flexibility is your main priority, there’s no better piece of secondary packaging machinery better than the portable semi-automatic stretch wrapper. Most semi-automatic stretch wrappers are stationary. On the other hand, you can easily transport portable versions from place to place. Instead of bringing pallet loads to the stretch wrapper, you can bring the stretch wrapper to the pallet loads. There are even some types of portable semi-automatic stretch wrappers, such as the Robot S6, designed to wrap loads regardless of their width, length, and weight.


The most popular and versatile type of semi-automatic stretch wrapper features a rotating turntable. Turntable semi-automatic stretch wrappers offer a great solution to businesses that need a designated wrapping area that doesn’t take up too much space. They work by rotating the load while a film delivery system wraps it from the bottom to the top, and then back down to the bottom. You can configure turntable semi-automatic stretch wrappers to work with a wide variety of applications, making them not just space-savers, but multi-purpose powerhouses.


A horizontal semi-automatic stretch wrapper is the perfect choice for wrapping products that are longer or larger than normal. They allow you to safely and efficiently wrap products such as lumber, doors, windows, carpets, textiles, copper piping, corrugated tubes, and more without sacrificing speed, accuracy, and quality.

Rotary Arm

The rotary arm stretch wrapper is another one of the top best semi-automatic stretch wrapping machines. Do you have trouble wrapping your pallet loads with turntable stretch wrappers? It might be due to their weight and size. A rotary stretch wrapper is ideal for wrapping loads that are either exceptionally lightweight or burdensome, allowing you to wrap the loads that other types of stretch wrappers can’t handle.

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