Most warehouses rely on stretch wrap machines to secure their product loads these days, but it wasn’t always this way. The history of stretch wrap packaging machines is full of exciting innovations and revolutionary technology. Learn about how these solutions became so popular and how Robopac USA has played a significant role in pushing the boundaries of the industry with this overview of stretch wrappers through the ages.

The Beginning of Stretch Wrapping

Moving products safely and securely through the supply chain has always been a priority for businesses. Before stretch wrappers, though, solutions were slow and costly. Many workers had to load trucks one product case at a time. Others relied on metal straps or shrink bags—both of which were expensive—to secure products together.

Stretch wrapper machines created an easier, more efficient, and more cost-effective way to secure products to a pallet. These machines, which entered the industry at the Packaging Machinery Manufacturer’s trade show in 1973, used plastic film to wrap product loads. In addition to using more affordable materials than other methods, this solution was much faster and more convenient for workers.

Competition and Innovation

Packaging and shipping have changed a lot since the ’70s, so it’s no wonder that stretch wrap machines have evolved, too. As demand and competition increased, companies looked for new ways to improve the stretch wrapping process.

This led to incredible innovations, including the ability to pre-stretch film. Stretch wrappers can apply more pre-stretch than manual wrapping, which means businesses can spend less money on materials and implement a more efficient and sustainable wrapping solution.

Different Machine Formats

Stretch wrappers’ original turntable design is still in use today, but there are also many new formats to suit a wider variety of wrapping needs. One example is the rotary arm stretch wrapper. This machine uses a rotating arm to revolve around the product load and apply stretch film without moving the pallet itself, making it perfect for heavy or unstable loads.

Other applications, such as horizontal stretch wrappers and portable stretch wrappers, have also become valuable solutions in the industry. With a wide variety of stretch wrapping machines available, businesses can easily find the equipment that best suits their unique workflows.

Robopac’s Technology Makes Waves

Today, Robopac USA provides businesses with secondary packaging solutions that use our cutting-edge systems like Cube Technology and R-Connect. Cube Technology offers speedy, precise, and consistent wrapping for every pallet load. With features like multi-level variable containment force and powerful pre-stretch, wrappers with Cube Technology create a perfect wrap every time. Robopac USA’s R-Connect technology also allows businesses to remotely monitor the machine for potential issues and track film consumption. This gives businesses greater visibility and control over their packaging lines.

Robopac USA is proud to play a role in the history of stretch wrap packaging machines. See how our solutions can help elevate your business when you work with our team today.