Successful palletization stacks goods together into a single, secure, consolidated load so that they’re safer and easier to transport. A smart palletization process streamlines your workflow and helps products move more efficiently through your supply chain. Read on to discover the major benefits of palletizing your inventory with automatic palletizers.

Better Consistency, Less Product Damage

Consistency is the key to a well-packed pallet. Crooked products, uneven layers, and other small mistakes can ruin the structural integrity of the pallet and cause products to tip over or collapse during transit.

These human errors are impossible to avoid with manual palletization, but automatic palletizers operate with mechanical precision every single time. Automatic palletizers stack your products on the pallet correctly, reducing the likelihood of damage and making every product load safer.

Reduce Labor Costs

Manual palletization is a tedious and labor-intensive task that consumes a lot of your employees’ time. When you use an automatic palletizer instead, you can make better use of your labor costs. Automatic palletizers can create better product loads in less time than a human employee. With an automatic palletizer on your side, you can reduce labor or reassign workers to more important tasks.

Improve Worker Retention

A low turnover rate is a key part of preserving your valuable workforce and saving your business money over time. Physical labor jobs—such as manually stacking and transporting pallets—often result in poor worker retention due to the tedious and strenuous nature of the role. Automating your palletizing process gives your operators the chance to take ownership of the end-of-line packaging process. The ability to operate and maintain equipment rather than perform tedious, labor-intensive work creates a more fulfilling work environment for your team.

Minimize Accidents and Injuries

Stacking a pallet by hand requires a lot of bending, lifting, and stretching. Poor ergonomics, repetitive motion, and consistent muscle strain can lead to workplace injuries that cost your business time, money, and some of your most valuable workers. Switching to automatic palletizing is a key part of putting safety first in your facility.

Furthermore, the Robopac TopTier palletizers are built with Category 3 safety standards created by ISO 13849-1. With controlled door entry, contained high-voltage features, and protection against gravity-induced hazards, Robopac USA’s automatic palletizers are a safe, effective, and lasting way to improve your palletizing process.

Create and Retain Happy Customers

Customer satisfaction is perhaps the most important benefit of palletizing your inventory. No customer wants their product to arrive damaged. Crushed boxes, dented cans, and other flaws can render products unsellable, thus losing you and your customers a lot of money. A secure palletizing process delivers your products without damage, which means your customers stay happy and loyal to your business. Automatic palletizers provide the consistency and reliability your customers need.

At Robopac USA, we have the palletizer machines you need to deliver products to customers in pristine condition. Contact the team at Robopac USA today to learn more about how our automatic palletizers can serve your business.