Case packers are powerful, productive solutions for your secondary packaging facility. With reliable performance, format flexibility, impressive ease of changeover, and a low total cost of ownership, the right case packer machine will move products through your packaging line with better efficiency than ever before.

As with all equipment investments, it’s important to choose the case packer that’s ideal for your specific workflow and business needs. Make sure you get the most out of your case packing solution with these strategies to maximize case packing flexibility in your facility.

Put Your Products First

When you’re choosing your case packer solution, your products should be at the forefront of your decision. The type of products that move through your packaging line are critical to deciding on the pack patterns, case formats, and other packaging details that your case packer must deliver.

You should also pay attention to the packaging dimensions you need to safely and efficiently pack your products and move them through the supply chain. These specifications will help you choose a case packer that suits the specific products that move through your packaging line.

Choose a Packer That Handles Multiple Formats

Different products require different packing solutions. Investing in a case packer that can handle multiple formats is the key to planning for your needs now and in the future.

Robopac USA’s Prasmatic TC Series fully automatic case packaging machine handles both shrink wrapping and case packing with ease. This machine can handle all of the classic case packing formats—wraparound, tray and film, film only, and pad and film—so swiftly move all your products through your packaging line. Worry less about format changes and focus on delivering stable products in quality packaging when you choose a packer that delivers automatic format changeovers between packaging formats.

Look for Quick Changeover Capabilities

Investing in fast changeover capabilities is a key strategy to maximize case packing flexibility. A case packer that makes format changes easy maximizes your flexibility and delivers superior uptime efficiency and productivity to your facility. Robopac USA’s case packers with automatic format-change capabilities carry out format changes electronically without help from operators. This frees up employee time and allows products to move through this step of your packaging line with less supervision.

Robopac USA has a range of case packers for sale to optimize your workflow and deliver reliable product packaging. Contact us today to find the ideal case packing solution for your facility’s packaging line.