Bottlenecks occur when a specific part of your packaging line can’t keep up with the demands of the rest of your workflow. There are many potential causes of bottlenecks in a secondary packaging facility. Inconsistent manual processes, tedious workflow, or portability and flexibility limitations can slow down your packaging line and create lower productivity levels.

Fortunately, there are always new areas of improvement to find. Further optimize your workflow by identifying and addressing these common bottlenecks in the packaging industry.

Lack of Portable Stretch Wrappers

Stretch wrapping machines are precise, powerful, and consistent. However, carrying each individual load to the stretch wrapper can slow down your workflow. Portable stretch wrapping solutions such as the Robot S7 semi-automatic stretch wrapper increase the flexibility and efficiency of your facility. The Robot S7 takes the process of stretch wrapping to your load wherever it is in the facility, eliminating travel times and streamlining your workflow.

Weighing Pallet Loads

Weighing pallet loads is a crucial step in your packaging process. However, the act of taking your load to a separate scale causes double handling and wastes time and labor. Streamline the process by using a turntable stretch wrapper with an undermount scale. This solution allows workers to weigh and wrap loads simultaneously, thus creating a less tedious workflow.

Double Handling in the Palletizing Process

Another cause of double handling and a common bottleneck in the packaging industry is separate palletizing and stretch wrapping. If you build and wrap your pallet loads in two separate steps, you create extra work and waste both time and energy.

Instead, choose a palletizer that accomplishes both tasks at the same time. TopTier palletizers from Robopac provide concurrent stretch wrapping, which means the palletizer stretch wraps each layer as it builds them. The result is a fast, consistent, and reliable palletizing process.

Manual Case Packing

Manual packaging is a slow, tedious process. Even the best employees don’t have the consistency, precision, and speed of a case packer machine. Automatic case packers pack cases in multiple formats—film only, tray and film, pad and film, or wrap-around cases—quickly and correctly. Installing an automatic case packer speeds up your process and eliminates bottlenecks at this stage of the workflow.

The right packaging solutions enhance your workflow and eliminate slow, tedious processes that hold your business back. Contact Robopac USA today and discover the equipment you need to optimize your packaging line.