Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machines for Paper Goods

A business’s secondary packaging system can be the make-or-break decision for its success. Your products may represent the highest quality in the industry, but if that quality is comprised during shipping, your customers may never know it. In the paper industry, products are more fragile, so protective packing is especially important. That’s why at Robopac USA, we offer the most reliable pallet stretch wrapping machines for paper goods.

Dependable Stretch Wrapping Solutions

We don’t just sell equipment—we collaborate with organizations to determine their needs and recommend the most appropriate solution for their business. Once installed, we also assist with repairs, replacement parts, maintenance, and upgrades to promote the longevity of your new equipment. For the paper industry, our machines have proven successful with the following products:

  • Tissue paper
  • Printer paper
  • Craft paper
  • Paper plates, bowls, and cups
  • Paper bags

Our stretch wrapping machines tightly secure palletized loads without damaging your products. The protective seal keeps goods safe from moisture or other environmental risks.

Robopac USA’s Cube™ Technology

One of our most innovative contributions to the secondary packaging industry is our patented Cube™ Technology. This system provides even more flexibility with variable load containment and other customizable settings. Because this technology allows you to adapt the process for each load type, you can reduce film waste by only using what’s needed to effectively contain the load. You can even vary containment force up to nine times within one load.

Paper companies often manufacture products in various shapes, sizes, and weights, so our Cube™ Technology makes customized pallet and stretch wrapping even easier. The user-friendly touchscreen allows you to easily set your desired parameters, and you can save up to six configurations for fast recall later on.

Request an Equipment Quote

If you’re ready to integrate Robopac USA’s innovative technology into your distribution process, contact us today to request a quote. We’ll help you find the right pallet stretch wrapping machines for your paper goods.