Are you thinking about outfitting your business with brand-new machines? Automating your warehouse with top-of-the-line machinery is a surefire way to boost your distribution center or warehouse’s accuracy, productivity, and safety. It’s also a fantastic way to save money and reduce your business’s bottom line.

One machine you may want to consider for your business is a case packer machine. Is a case packer machine right for your business? Let’s look at what case packers are and some of their core benefits.

What’s a Case Packer?

A case packer fills a variety of case types with products. The types of cases are film only, pad and film, tray and film, wrap around packs, and specialty packs. Case packers can load products from the side, top, or bottom. After the machine loads the products, it wraps the cases securely with film. This layer of film can either partially or fully encase the product.

The Benefits of Case Packers

Is a case packer machine right for your business? Here are a few benefits of case packers to help you decide whether you need one.

Reduce Labor Costs

One huge benefit of case packers (and automation in general) is that they can dramatically reduce the amount of money your business spends on labor. A case packer, whether semi-automatic, automatic, or robotic, will decrease or eliminate the need for human labor when it comes to packing and preparing cases for shipping. This means you can either cut labor to save money or repurpose labor and have employees focus on more pressing tasks.

Use Fewer Packaging Materials

One downside of human employees is that they aren’t always accurate. Mistakes are only human, but mistakes can also cost your business time and money. Machines, on the other hand, rarely make mistakes. They pack products the same way every time and know exactly how much material they need to secure a case. Because these machines only use as much material as needed and produce high-quality work that doesn’t need fixing, your business will save on material costs.

Know Exactly What’s Going Into Each Case

As mentioned previously, humans can make mistakes. When packing products by hand, it’s not uncommon for someone to pack the wrong number of items into each case. This can lead to unhappy customers who don’t receive the same amount of product as stated on the label or unhappy business owners who didn’t intend to sell their products as BOGO. Machines are known for their accuracy and will pack the same amount of product into every case. This ensures a happy ending for everyone.

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