Robopac USA’s exclusive and award-winning R-Connect technology combines innovation and connection to provide you with complete control over machine operations. Our user-friendly system allows you to monitor your machine remotely from any device and view statistics such as film usage, machine condition, and production performance.

Want to know how R-Connect technology can reduce downtime, reduce film costs, and improve productivity, among other benefits? Read below to learn how R-Connect technology benefits machine operations.

Reduce Downtime

R-Connect’s diagnostic ability reduces downtime by alerting you for preventative maintenance, emergency stops, and trigger alarms. R-connect carefully monitors and analyzes machine performance, allowing you to schedule preventative maintenance with your machine dealer or a certified Robopac technician when necessary.

Best of all, customers have told us that they “love R-connect because we don’t have to use our organizations existing network. It utilizes the cloud via sim card, preventing security issues.”

Because it knows how many pallets your machine has wrapped, R-Connect can predict when parts are on the verge of wearing down and schedule maintenance to keep them from worsening. And if your machine inexplicably stops production, it’ll send a service ticket to the R-Connect platform, where a technician will troubleshoot your problem. If the technician can’t fix the issue remotely, they’ll arrange a service visit.

Preventative maintenance and quick intervention on machine shutdowns mean less downtime and more uptime for your facility.

Improve Performance

Another way R-Connect technology benefits machine operations is by allowing you to remotely monitor your machine’s performance. You can see whether a machine is in working condition and how much downtime it experiences and even check vital statistics such as film consumption to place film orders. R-connect can trigger a minimum order point and alert you based on your current supplier lead time for film.

This makes it easy to identify areas where your machine exceeds expectations as well as areas where it’s underperforming. This information can help you optimize your machines. It can also help you determine when a machine needs routine maintenance or should be upgraded.

Reduce Film Costs

R-Connect makes it easy to monitor your machines film consumption and amount of wrap cycles performed. If you notice your machine isn’t performing up-to-standard, you have the option to program and modify the wrap cycle to achieve better results. Optimizing your machine’s wrap cycle reduces film waste by ensuring you get the most out of every roll.

Robopac USA is a leading stretch wrap machine manufacturer and the world’s largest secondary packaging equipment company. Think our R-Connect technology could benefit your facility?

Our machines come pre-equipped with R-Connect technology. We can also install R-Connect on any non-Robopac machine. Shop with us today or send your product to our TechLab for testing and to have your machine software upgraded.