Every year, warehouses face steeper challenges in the form of higher client demands, rising material costs, and increasingly competitive shipping speeds. Businesses that find ways to cut costs and streamline operations have a better chance of successfully navigating these challenges and staying relevant in an ever-evolving industry.

One simple yet effective tip for improvement is to downgauge stretch film. See how downgauging stretch film can save you money in your warehouse operations with this rundown.

What Is Downgauging?

Gauge refers to the thickness of your stretch film. When you downgauge, you choose a thinner stretch film that offers higher performance over thicker, more traditional stretch film options. Stretch film with a thinner gauge allows you to use less film overall when you wrap pallets. As a result, you make your packaging materials more cost-effective and streamline your secondary packaging operations.

Maximizing Stretch Film Efficiency

One of the most significant ways that downgauging stretch film saves you money is through increased efficiency. When you use a thinner gauge film, you can achieve more with fewer materials.

Stretch film manufacturing has evolved over the years, which means thinner, more modern film options are stronger and more flexible than thicker alternatives. You can create a more stable and reliable wrapping process for your pallets while decreasing your material usage. Plus, thinner gauge stretch films tend to cost less. This helps you save on material costs while improving performance in your packaging line.

Streamlining Your Pallet Wrapping

If you’re looking for ways to make your secondary packaging line faster and more efficient, downgauging can help. Thinner stretch films last longer, which means you don’t have to stop operations to change out your film rolls as often. While this is a small change, the time you save adds up in the long run and improves your warehouse’s overall efficiency.

Other Benefits of Downgauging

There are many other benefits of downgauging your stretch film. For businesses looking to lower their carbon footprint, downgauging is a great way to decrease waste and improve your sustainability efforts. The thinner film also leads to lighter pallet loads, which can improve shipping prices and save you money throughout your supply chain.

Downgauging stretch film is one of many ways to make your semi-automatic stretch wrappers more efficient and cost-effective. Learn more about the best solutions for your warehouse operations when you partner with Robopac USA as your secondary packaging equipment supplier.