The food and beverage industries couldn’t survive without manufacturing plants. The plants are where everything is packaged, labeled, and shipped to their desired location. Since these food and beverage packaging warehouses are so important, they must run efficiently. This article will overview three ways to increase food manufacturing efficiency so consumers can get the products they need.

Automate the Process

You can’t underestimate the value of automation in the food and beverage manufacturing field. There are so many machines that can do 10 times more work than a person could do on their own. Secondary packaging equipment has completely changed the way food and beverages are wrapped and stored. Without machines like automatic stretch wrappers, workers would spend countless hours wrapping each pallet of products for shipment. These machines eliminate that hassle. Stretch wrappers put the right amount of containment force on the pallet load so that your products arrive safely at their destination without damage.

Reduce Product Damage and Film Costs

Shipping damage for the food, beverage and consumer products industries averages about half a percent of gross sales, according to The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) and the Food Marketing Institute (FMI).

This amounts to almost $1 billion a year of damage losses in the U.S. Understanding when and how it occurs is key. Products can be damaged when they are not stretch wrapped properly with the right amount of containment force. This results in loads sliding off their pallet or shifting when being transported to their destination. Also, too much containment force when stretch wrapping can crush corners causing damage to the primary packaging or the products themselves.

Cube Technology on Robopac USA stretch wrappers can reduce product damage by 40%. It delivers the right amount of film on the load at exactly the right position with exactly the right amount of containment force on the load. Cube technology has been proven to reduce film costs by 30 to 55%.

Invest in Your Employees

Another way to increase food manufacturing efficiency is to invest in your employees. Working in a warehouse can be rather monotonous. Hand wrapping each pallet load is extremely tedious. Poor ergonomics of bending over time and again to wrap or attach a film to the load can result in injury to warehouse employees.

Become more efficient by reallocating labor to other tasks by automating with a stretch wrapper. Your stretch wrapper will wrap each load with the right amount of containment force every time reducing product damage and risk of injury in the workplace.

If you automate the process, reduce product damage and film costs, while investing in your employees, your warehouse will become more efficient. Contact the trusted team at ROBOPAC USA to automate your end of line packaging process. Whether you’re looking to purchase stretch wrapping equipment or you need to improve other areas of your end of line packaging operation, Robopac USA will come along side you to understand your operation to provide the right solution based on your product application.