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ROBOPAC Equipment Finance

Robopac USA Equipment Financing Options Plus Film Savings Practically BUY YOUR MACHINE!

Equipment Leasing
  • Little or no upfront cost!
  • Low monthly payments!
  • 100% financing may be available!
  • Return equipment at end of lease with no further obligation!

Robopac USA equipment financing options enable you to save money upfront, and the equipment’s benefits help you save even more down the road. Leasing offers a simple and affordable solution to help you maximize productivity while preserving your capital. By spreading the costs over time with fixed manageable payments, the adoption of equipment can be quickened without impacting budgets.

+PLUS, when you compare the savings you gain on our film to the low monthly payment and flexibility that our FMV lease offers, it’s a win. The efficient packaging process that our machines use reduces film waste, which ultimately saves you money. Our equipment is also durable and low-maintenance, so you’ll spend less on expensive breakdowns and repairs. Match cash outflows with the savings and revenue production gained through the use of our equipment.

An FMV lease offers the lowest monthly payment, is the most flexible lease structure, and may provide tax advantages. Technically, you don’t own the equipment (think of it like renting over a fixed period of time) and at the end or the term you will have the option to purchase, renew and return the equipment.

With Robopac USA, you can enjoy these cost benefits without the worry that you’re buying or leasing subpar equipment. Our secondary packaging equipment is capable of handling large loads and heavy-duty operation, so you can depend on your production line to keep moving forward. Take advantage of our Robopac USA equipment financing options now!



$$16,895Upon Installation



The ROBOPAC Equipment Finance Program offers:

• Up to $250k application ONLY approvals

• Flexible Term Lengths

• 100% Financing – Equipment, Freight, Warranties

• Highly Competitive Rates

• Simple Process and Documentation