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Tucker Powersports, the distributor of market-leading powersports brands and products, chose Robopac as partner for tire packaging for markets across North America. The Compacta S series, which uses horizontal wrapping technology with stretch film, has been developed and modified for a new market and needs not explored before.

Tucker Powersports needs

The Tucker Powersports company offers tens of thousands of products from powerhouse brands that today’s powersports dealers and enthusiasts demand.  They contacted Robopac USA to improve their tire packaging system, both in relation to the functional and aesthetic appearance, and in the reduction of costs and packaging time. Tucker’s tires range various sizes and types including road, motocross, per quod, electric cars, bicycles, and mountain bikes. Previously Tucker’s tire packing was performed by applying two paperboard, cut to measure, applied on the two sides of the tire and finally strapped. A complex operation that takes too much time and that was not very user friendly. The company’s objective was also to provide a response to customer complaints that they sometimes received which was after a long wait, tires were not received in perfect condition. Together with Robopac, an alternative solution was discovered.

Partnering with Robopac for the right solution

To deeply understand the needs of the customer, the technical staff at Robopac thoroughly studied the technical data and the machines available while considering different options. At the end of the preliminary stage, the most convincing proposal foresaw a type of semi-automatic tire packaging with wrap-around packer. During the development of the tailor-made machine it was very important for active collaboration between Tucker and Robopac.  In this case, the director of operations at Tucker, who then sent all samples to Robopac for testing and agreeing to the mechanical modifications necessary to make the solution more customized and perfectly suited to the type of product to be wrapped. The solution, after seeing the layout of the test, was then approved by Tucker, which then placed a first order of nine Robopac Compacta S series machines.  The new system starts with the operator which positions and stacks the tires in the conveyor belt. A conveyor with rollers inclined to idle roller moves them leading them up to the Robopac Compacta S series machine, which places them in rotation to achieve the full wrapping with the application of film.

Saving of time and materials

The feedback from Tucker’s customers was extremely positive.  Numerous advantages were immediately reported by the customer including:

  • a consistent saving of time in the tire packaging operations, which means greater productivity
  • the tires are more protected and therefore subject to minor damages
  • the opportunity to easily apply a label on the stretch film involves improvements in terms of shipments, allowing the monitoring of each batch
  • the greater ease in handling and carrying the batches guarantees improvements in logistics
  • packaging with stretch film is extremely more flexible than the cardboard
  • An aesthetic improvement of the batches was obtained, plus the savings on the cost of packaging materials
  • the new solution provides significant advantages in the storage and disposal of consumable materials, represented today by the stretch film reels.

 Further developments

Considering the effectiveness of new solutions installed, Tucker required another five Robopac machines with a larger diameter (1200 mm). Robopac has already been engaged to explore more options to make the whole process even more powerful, improving the general logistics by inserting lines which are more automated, always by mutual agreement and in close cooperation with the client, with the common goal of becoming more efficient and faster. The new system will provide a motorized infeed conveyor that leads tires to the car. Once packed by stretch film, the conveyor will bring them back to the operator, who will apply the label and record the load. A lateral work plan enables them to properly house printers and scanners. Where appropriate, a side output up to 90° will bring the tires packed towards the central transport system.

Download Compacta Tire Brochure