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Food & Bottle Case Packer Machines

At Robopac USA, our innovative food-and-bottling division, Sotemapack, creates state-of-the-art case packing equipment for the food and beverage industries. Our food shrink wrapper and bottle case packer machines use superior technology for materials such as cardboard, polyethylene film, and the combination of the two. These machines rely on film only to pack consumer goods securely, so you don’t have to worry about product loss or damage during distribution. This collection includes bottle and food shrink wrap machines, wrap-around case packers, and combination packers—all of which feature Sotemapack’s advanced technology.

Our dedicated team is here to help you devise personalized case packing solutions for your business. Check out food and bottle case packer machines for your business now.

Shrink Wrappers

Sotemapack Compacta Semi automatic Shrink Wrapper with Pusher


15 PPM

Sotemapack T90 Shrink Wrapper


15 PPM

Sotemapack TF Shrink Wrapper


22 PPM

Wrap Around Case Packers

Combi (Tray + Film)

Sotemapack WA 25

WA 20

20 PPM

Sotemapack WA 25

WA 25

25 PPM

Sotemapack Morbiwrap Case Packer


20 PPM

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