Like most businesses, manufacturing and warehouse facilities constantly seek creative ways to save cash without sacrificing productivity and efficiency. One way to save is by investing in brand-new, state-of-the-art machinery.

Hold on. Splurging on new equipment will deplete funds, not add to them. It’s basic math, isn’t it? Although this might seem counterintuitive at first glance, it’s actually a smart move. New equipment might set you back short-term, but over time, you’ll recuperate the money you spent and even make a profit on your investment.

If you want to optimize the performance of your manufacturing or warehouse facility and save money while you’re at it, one piece of equipment you should look into is a laser guided vehicle (LGV). LGV’s are unmanned fork lifts that transport products from one place to the next with ease. Here are five ways to save using LGV systems.

Minimal Maintenance

Are you tired of constantly needing to maintain equipment? You won’t have to worry about that with LGVs. Taking care of laser guided vehicles is a breeze. The only thing you need to do to keep them in good condition is thoroughly and regularly clean the reflectors. This means you won’t have to waste labor or money on more intensive maintenance routines.

Say Goodbye to Workplace Injuries

There are over 200,000 warehouse workplace injuries that occur annually. Manual handling and malfunctioning machines are two of the top causes of these injuries.

LGVs are a fantastic way to cut down on workplace injuries and keep your insurance premiums low. They don’t require an fork lift driver to operate. Moreover, they handle lifting, pushing, and pulling in place of vulnerable employees. They also come equipped with valuable safety features that detect obstacles and keep the LGVs from ramming into unsuspecting workers.

Eliminate Labor (or Repurpose It)

Because LGVs work independently, you can eliminate the labor you once used to transport goods using a manned forklift or manually. Alternatively, you can reassign workers to more crucial and profitable tasks.

Highly Efficient

Despite being more compact than most equipment, LGVs pack a real punch. They’re fast, accurate, highly efficient, and versatile. They can receive, transport, store, and even load goods during work hours and after dark. This can save your warehouse valuable time and valuable labor.

Save Space

The final way to save using LGV systems is to use them to free up some much-needed space in your warehouse. If you don’t want to make your jam-packed warehouse even more congested than before, you won’t have to. LGVs have a compact design and don’t require raised and cumbersome tracks around the facility to move. Instead, they navigate with reflectors which are unobtrusive and require very little space.

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