Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs) can revolutionize the productivity and financial health of businesses across the world. This article reviews five cost-saving benefits of automated guided vehicles. While their true potential goes far beyond only five, this is a great introduction to their advantages.

Number One: They Reduced Labor Costs

When you use AGVs, you either replace an existing fork truck operator or forgo a new hire. This results in a quick, proven ROI by saving the organization the cost of on employee salary and other benefits. The machines also can work 24/7, which means you will quickly earn back their cost.

Number Two: They Increase Inventory Efficiency and Accuracy

You’ll never need to pay workers to perform inventory with AGVs. AGVs can track inventory easily if they’re linked to the warehouse control system. With their careful tracking of information, you can keep tabs on exactly what you need to order and when you need to order it.

Number Three: They Do Not Require Salary and Benefit Increases

With rising inflation, employees expect their income to increase with their experience. Whether that means progressively higher pay, more vacation time, a 401k match, or better insurance, the cost of labor will likely increase exponentially. However, by replacing personnel with AGVs, you can offset those anticipated labor costs.

Number Four: They Eliminate Damage to Structures and Products

Human error is a part of business. People get distracted, or fatigued, or sick. They may drive the forklift into an obstacle or into a pallet of products.. One of the five cost-saving benefits of automated guided vehicles is they cancel out the costs related to human error. AGVs do not get distracted or fatigued.

Number Five: They Reduce Utility Costs

AGVs can operate in temperatures hotter and colder than what humans are comfortably used to. As a result, company owners who use AGVs save on heat and air conditioning costs.

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