Your product packaging facility is only as efficient as the operators. If your operators aren’t knowledgeable about the equipment, it can lead to machine malfunction, safety hazards, and an inefficient workplace that struggles to meet performance standards. In providing extensive training programs, you’ll educate your operators on how to safely use and maintain essential packaging equipment. This will help your facility run smoothly, prevent injuries, and ensure the machines function at peak performance. In this guide, we’ll explain why packaging machinery training is important and how operator training can positively impact your facility’s efficiency.

Keeps Your Workers Safe

Your packaging facility is full of heavy, complex machinery, including industrial shrink wrap machines and other essential packaging equipment such as scales. If your employees aren’t trained on the proper use and maintenance of this equipment, they’ll be more prone to making mistakes that could result in injury. By training your employees, they’ll be able to correctly maintain the equipment. Well-maintained equipment is less likely to malfunction, which can cut down on injuries caused by machines not working as they should. Training will also teach them the proper way to handle the machinery, how to follow general safety guidelines, and what to do in case of an emergency.

Get the Most Out of Your Machines

Another reason why packaging machinery training is important is because it allows you to get the most out of your machines. Training your employees is vital to effectively maintaining your facility’s equipment. With proper training, they can notice malfunctions and inefficiencies in the machinery and fix them before they get worse. This is invaluable to your business. It cuts down on the amount of machine replacements or repairs from outside sources and keeps your machinery running quickly and efficiently. An inefficient machine will slow down your entire workforce. This can delay the packaging process, leading to missed deadlines and other negative consequences. By teaching your employees to maintain the equipment, you can reduce downtime and make sure your facility is consistently performing at its best. With training, you can advise your employees on how to wrap loads correctly and with the right amount of force. You can have them set up specific wrap menus for their most common loads, ensuring they’ll get the proper amount of containment force. This also ensures your loads are safe to ship, and that they’ll arrive at their final destination without primary packaging or product damage. Training can also educate you and your employees on the importance of valuable features, including Cube Technology, Reconnect, and others. Remember: not all packaging machines are alike. Retrain your employees whenever you purchase new equipment for the facility.

Training your employees is one way to boost the efficiency of your packaging facility. Investing in fast, consistent, and reliable machinery is another. With new, high-quality machinery, you can improve performance, lower your total cost of ownership, and more. Robopac USA’s shrink wrap and stretch wrap machinery is designed with superior technology and quality in mind. Come and shop our full line of equipment today!