The key to a successful packaging line is consistency and flexibility. When your packaging solutions can handle a versatile range of products with equal efficiency and stability, you can move products seamlessly through your facility without delay. Empower productivity and consistency with every product load you create with these ways to package oddly shaped items for shipping.

Secure With Fillers and Seals

Secure packaging starts as close to the product as possible. The last thing you want is for goods to shift, move around, and break within their cases during transit. If you’re working with products that have delicate features, sharp edges, or other fragile components, you can use fillers, wraps, and seals to create safer product cases.

Filler materials such as bubble wrap, packaging peanuts, or custom inserts help keep products securely in place while absorbing shock and vibrations. Meanwhile, tight seals that use tape, cartons, or shrink wrap help secure the package and prevent products from spilling out of their cases during transit.

Perfect Your Stretch Wrapping Practices

One of the most essential tips for packaging oddly shaped items for shipping is to invest in high-quality, consistent stretch wrapping solutions. Don’t rely on manual labor for stretch wrapping, which is slower and inconsistent. Instead, use an automatic or semi-automatic stretch wrapper to securely wrap product loads and prevent primary packaging and product damage during transportation.

Robopac USA’s stretch wrappers use Cube Technology to perfect the stretch wrapping process. Multi-level variable containment force and strategic film placement create optimal containment force for whatever product is moving through your packaging line. This gives you enhanced control and precision for a customized wrapping process that perfectly suits oddly shaped products.

Utilize Portable Stretch Wrappers

You can also use portable semi-automatic stretch wrappers to improve flexibility and mobility in your facility. Robopac USA’s Robot S7 portable stretch wrappers move around the product load on the floor, making it easy to securely wrap products of any length, width, or weight. This flexibility allows you to quickly create stable pallets from even the most awkward or unique product loads.

Make sure your business has the necessary solutions to move products efficiently through your packaging line. Visit Robopac USA to learn more about how our secondary packaging equipment can streamline your workflow.